What will you tell your children?

A remarkable conversation between a mother and her children is reported with Lawrence Auster asking a very pertinent question – “After this law (legalizing same-sex marriages) is passed, what will you tell your children when they ask you about marriage?”

Robert J.writes:

A conversation overheard in Riverside Park [in Manhattan] this morning:

Mother with two small children in tow, one a girl of 6, the other a boy of about 4.

Mother to girl: Well, Jerry has been seeing Sylvia and maybe he’ll marry her.

Girl to mother: Who will I marry, Mommy?

Mother to girl: Well, in about 20 years, you can start looking around for someone to marry. 26 is a good age to marry. Then you can choose a man or a woman, whichever you want. 

LA replies:

Let us please understand that what this mother said to her daughter is not shocking or extreme. This woman was behaving in complete conformity to the view of sexuality, marriage, and morality that is now upheld by our society, and made official by laws establishing same-sex “marriage,” including the law that the political leaders of New York State are attempting to pass even as I write this. If this women were to say to her small daughter, “When you’re grown up, you’ll find a man to love and marry him,” she would be privileging heterosexuality over homosexuality and sending her daughter an anti-homosexual message. She would be a bad person. By telling her daughter that she might marry a “man or a woman, whichever you want,” she is being a good person.

And this is one of the inevitable but never-discussed consequences of same-sex “marriage” that opponents need to bring forward. They need to say to supporters of same-sex marriage, “After this law is passed, what will you tell your children when they ask you about marriage? Will you tell them that when they grow up they might marry a person of the same-sex as readily as a person of the opposite sex? Because THAT is what is made normal and morally mandatory by such laws.”


Hindu society has reacted to recent homosexual or LGBT assertiveness in two ways – Combatively & characteristically. I prefer a mix of the two tactics because unless we vocally confront activist LGBT-nee-liberal incursions into heterosexual Hindu society and remain content to ignore and not speak about it – (exercise “shyness” – Read S Gurumurthy in second link), we may not be able to stop liberals from legally legitimizing and equalizing LGBTs with heterosexuals. If that happens, Hindus in Hindusthan will be confronted with the kind of question Shri Auster asks.

– Namaste

2 Responses

  1. I would tell them that marriage consecrates the love and commitment shared by two consenting adults, regardless of their gender. I would tell them that it’s love that matters and not the genders of the people involved. I would read to them from the Mahabharata, where Lord Krishna himself assumes a feminine form to marry Aravan.

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    I have just moved.

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