An Appeal to the Chief Justice of Nepal’s Supreme Court

Respected Chief Justice Shri Ram Prasad Shrestha,
Please allow me to introduce myself as a Hindu from Hindusthan.
The suite that is present before your Honorable Court and upon which you will pronounce your verdict on the 12th of April, 2011, has caused a stir amongst concerned Hindus in my country as elsewhere and has resulted in support for the Pashupatinath Area Development Trust’s case in the dispute.
Sir, we in Hindusthan realize that my country’s Secular Polity is too disinterested in matters that engage Hindu society; be it in my country with its own majority Hindu population or anywhere else in the world. We also realize that it was this disinterested secularism that resulted in malnourished relations with our northern neighbor, the former Hindu State of Nepal. However, now that Nepal itself has chosen a polity similar to ours, it seems to be faced with issues of a similar nature.
Honorable Sir, in our humble opinion, a Secular State is inherently incapable of providing justice to any kind of non-political majority in a country it reigns over. Its first instincts would be to incline towards a litigating, aggressive non-political minority in the name of minority rights and against perceived or assumed majority tyranny. It is with such knowledge that any non-political majority in a Secular State approaches the Majesties of Justice with more trepidation and less hope even in matters of its own right.
Without wishing to be seen as encroaching upon the affairs of our neighbor, Sir, we think that the Trust has a rightful claim over the Sleshamantaka forest land and we believe, should not be denied it merely because the Catholic minority has been surreptitiously and perhaps in desperation, using some of it for burying their dead. This much is accepted by understanding lay members of the community themselves as per reports emanating from Nepal. Lay Catholics, unmoved by pressure from interested clergy who have already started rallying the powerful International Church, seem to admit three important points –
**The land they used for burial was not officially allotted thereby making its use an illegal encroachment

**It is the above situation that led them to petition Nepal’s Government for a burial site

**Keeping in mind Nepal’s land mass, these good people have also strongly proposed that they would want to practice cremation instead of burial

Since an imputation of cultural imperialism (Christians forced to take to Hindu crematorial practices) will sought to be attributed to Nepal’s Hindu majority, we would request your Honorable Justice to consider Director of the Trust Shri Ram Saran Chimoria’s reference to the Dashnami sect’s traditions of burying their dead. Thus it is evidenced that the dispute is only about reclaiming land belonging to the Pashupatinath Trust and not at all about denying the Catholic minority its religious rights.
Honorable Chief Justice Sir, in our humble capacities as Hindus sympathetic to Nepal’s need to retain its majority and diverse Hindu ethnicity, we are optimistic and hopeful that you will see there is no conflict in upholding rightful Hindu claims and ensuring minority rights in a Hindu majority country. The Catholics have said two things; to allow them a burial site and/or afford them the option to cremate their dead. Your wisdom can ensure that either or both can be achieved without disturbing Hindu interests.
Respectful Namaste,
Palahalli S
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Times of India 

Christian New Today

PS – Concerned Hindus can write to and/or blog or write to newspapers in Nepal/Hindusthan

3 Responses

  1. Pala I do not like the word “Hindusthan” due to the incorporation of the Persian/Turkic “stan” in it. like Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc.
    Isn’t Bharat better?

  2. “Pala I do not like the word “Hindusthan” due to the incorporation of the Persian/Turkic “stan” in it. like Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc.
    Isn’t Bharat better?”

    Sthaana also means position/place in Sanskrit.

    Hindu is also Farsi in its origins.

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