“Communalising Cricket” – A different stroke

There is definitely a lot of noise about tomorrow’s cricket match with Pakistan. A point in the tournament which ideally should be fore-play before a mind-blowing-climax-inducing action threatens to make pre-mature ejaculations fashionable only because Hindus and Muslims get to go to bed together in a cricket stadium. That’s important – cricket. Because no other such set-up save hockey to a negligible extent, excites consumers of this porn to the extent cricket, with Hindusthan playing Pakistan, seems to work them all up.

I’d like to stress; it is the Hindu-Muslim encounter that sells. It’s extra tense, wild and sweaty because it’s also cricket – which anyways psyches our people irrespective of who’s playing.

I’m reading Oldtimer’s piece and thinking… Pakistan is the pimp for Islamic brotherhood right? It doesn’t really matter to the pimp if the quality of his whores are good, bad or indifferent as long as she’s all hired. He’ll (Pakistan) think about a different bunch of whores or if we are fortunate, a different product to sell only if his whores are losing him business. They aren’t losing money on his home-base, that’s for sure.

So the Pakistani pimp touts and the pornography industry which is our media, takes the cue. Their cameras and mikes and roving vans they lather up eager crowds trying to sell them low quality Pakistani bitches in action. The media knows one truth though – the customer’s himself trapped with the bitch. There ain’t no other choice for the customer but to abstain and declare himself chaste. That’d be a bummer.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the sprinkling of Muslims in Team Hindusthan; principle being the same.

Hindus Vs Muslims. Communal? Sure..

So if one looks closely enough at the screenplay, it’s always a Hindu, be it Hindusthan or Modi who’s screwing the Muslim. This scene fits in neatly within the liberal narrative of a tyrannical majority against a besieged minority and if the minority is always hollering then the pain’s gotta be true! The crowds in Hindusthan lap it up because they’ve taken sides. Hindus rooting for Hindus and Muslims for Muslims. This is the way it is. Call it a communal or an inter/national crossing of swords – it is real and we have to deal with what’s real.

Ok, so I think I get the bigger point. That’s to tell the media, “look, don’t make it so ugly. The ass looks great and she will be whipped…but do you really have to get so shrieky about it all??” Maybe, methinks if there were a whole lot of other arenas of sporting events…which were as popular or nearly so..maybe the pimp and his purveyors would actually get more and classier wares to sell? Think about it.

– Namaste


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