The limits of Islamic reform?

As a lay Hindu, I can only observe and comment on movement within the Islamic domain; not hoping or caring to influence such movement as long as it does not conflict with Hindu national interests. Keeping this scope in mind, I would like to share my thoughts on a recent article by a courageous Muslima – Sadia Dehlvi.

My view on reform within Islam is simple. Unless the Prophet Mohammed is brought down from his very high pedestal and Muslims can learn to accept an inner spiritual quest (wherein they encounter and acknowledge numerous Gods and Goddesses apart from and including Allah) whilst rejecting outer material conquest – in terms of Lebensraum of land and living human beings, Kafir or Momin, for the Ummah; all this meaning unless Muslims can reject the Shahada of Islam, it is impossible for reform as non-Muslims would want it, to come. (I am also aware that there are well meaning Hindus who pin their hopes on reform within Islam without dwelling on such crucial factors.)

Sadia Dehlvi, while bravely standing up to a high priest from the land of the Prophet himself exposes this crucial weakness in a reformist Muslim when she holds fast to all the anti-septic Islamic austerity that keeps Islam spartan and Muslims ever ready to mobilize for Jihad. She in fact outdoes herself when she seeks to “preserve and promote the composite and inclusive cultural traditions of Indian Muslims…(while)…the Centre (IICC) has been trying to decode which cultural activities are sharia compliant and those that are not.”

– Namaste

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