Thoughts on the Muslim Rashtriya Manch

Off and on one gets to hear about the Muslim Rashtriya Manch; an organization floated by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which it hopes, can bring Muslims into the mainstream of National life.

I haven’t come across any authoritative website or document that details the purpose and goals of this Muslim Manch except to read about it a bit in various publications.

A clutch of articles in no particular order give a flavor of the kinds of issues the Manch is seized of –

Muslim organisation slams Vande Mataram fatwa

“Our Muslim brothers should not follow the fatwa as Vande Mataram is the national song of the country and every Indian citizen should respect and recite it,” said Mohd Afzal, national convenor of the Manch.

No person could ask anyone to stop reciting Vande Mataram, said Afzal.

Syed Hamidul Hasan, renowned Shia cleric, who was especially invited on the occasion to speak on Hindu-Muslim issues, said that Muslims were free to take their own decision regarding Vande Mataram, which everybody respects.

Sangh tradeoff ? – Sudarshan said Indian Muslims should not be called a minority, as they are Indians like Hindus and other communities. He also said that Vande Mataram was the national song and does not belong to any particular community.

Muslim Organisations Support Ban on Cow Slaughter

Endorsing the demand for a complete ban on cow slaughter, State convenor of Muslim Rashtriya Manch K M Anees-ul-Haq claimed that majority of Muslims in India had not touched beef in their life-time while some were only occasional beef-eaters.

He contended that Islam clearly asked Muslims to respect the sentiments of their neighbours. “Naturally, we support the call for a ban on cow slaughter to respect the sentiments of our Hindu brethren,’’ he said.

Karnataka State Union of Muslim League President Mohammed Usman Ali pointed out that cow slaughter was also banned during the rule of the Mughals. Muslim rulers in South India such as the Bahmanis too had banned slaughter of cows.

Sangh tradeoff ? – Will the RSS have a different view on the Mughals, Bahmani Sultans et al henceforth?  

Muslim Rashtriya Manch to hold peace rally

MRM convenor Mohammad Afzaal, who was present with a handful of Muslims at the RSS-run Vishwa Samwaad Kendra in Lucknow to announce the rally on Saturday, said: “While prices of essential commodities are rising, the Congress which first coined the word Sikh and Muslim terror, is now talking of Hindu or saffron terror. It is soft on terrorists but is trying to divide people for narrow political gains.”

Sangh tradeoff ? – Is it the Sangh’s view that there is no Islamic terror?

Training camp of Muslim Rashtriya Manch – Politics divide, culture unite – KS Sudarshan

 “British had divided the Muslims and the Hindus for their political endgame. We must understand that politics divides while the culture unites,” said Shri KS Sudarshan, former Sarsanghachalak of RSS. He was addressing a gathering of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch activists assembled at a training camp in Raipur on June 7. Workers from 15 states of the country participated in the camp. Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh and RSS National Executive Member Shri Indresh Kumar also addressed the workers.

Shri Sudarshan asked the workers to spread the message of love and peace in the society and appealed to them to remember that they share the same ancestors, culture and traditions with their Hindu brothers. He also urged them to feel the unity in diversity and experience the inherent unity of mankind in the light of Islam and its tenets of peace and brotherhood.

He said that in true sense the Parsis, Jews and Anglo-Indians are minorities in India. The Muslims did not come from outside India and belonged to this land. They might have changed their way of worship some centuries, generations ago, but they share same ancestors, culture and traditions with the Hindus. He said if Islam means peace then how cruelty had entered into it? He said when religion ties itself with imperialism then it becomes violent. All sorts of bad qualities creep into it and it loses its original character.

Here is another very interesting piece on the subject from Two Circles


What is the main issue?

Is it an issue if the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh makes overtures to Muslims in Hindusthan with the intention of ushering them into an as yet undefined national mainstream?

Or is it an issue if the RSS embarks on such a project on the basis of indefensible self assertions without contesting the Muslim position – within and without the Muslim Manch?

My own view is that Muslim distinction must be wholly recognized because they (the Muslims) obviously are desirous of it. The only caveat to such a recognition should be the delinking of a “National purpose” for such distinct minorities.

That National purpose must rightfully belong only to the National Society. The question one should ask the MRM’s sponsors in the Sangh is this –

Do you recognize a National Society and differentiate it from a distinct Minority? Because if you did, then you would not have to blow these very delicate soap bubbles that can’t withstand the slightest whiff of the truth.

Remember, a Minority cannot be denied its status by merely denying the truth of it being a Minority. A Minority cannot be risen to National status without diminishing the true National Society.

– Namaste

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