The Center-Right dilemma

Readers of my blog are aware of my aversion to the Center – Right ideological position. I have made no bones about it. For a long time I have continually sensed its unnatural positions and artificial stances and deduced that perhaps those who espouse this ideology do so out of misplaced but good intentions. Misplaced because it will never get them nearer to the truths that any natural ideological position must; although it might leave them “feeling good”.

You can see the obvious physical contortions in the above illustration. That’s the Center-Right reality.

Recently, in a series of tweets, I attempted to analyze the dilemma of the Center-Right position. The analysis is sketchy but I think, sufficient to communicate the core reality of Center-Rightism within Hindusthan’s political arena and especially in relation to Traditional Hindu Nationalism.

I also take this opportunity to call for a debate with convinced Center-Rightists and ask them to test their ideological position against the end political-social goals they desire.

Ob 1 : Center-Right = Liberal-Right. Social views are Liberal whilst Economic views are Conservative.

Ob 2: Center-Right = Impractical ideology. Liberal Social views are incompatible with Economic Conservatism which demands small govt.

Ob 3: Center-Right = Unnatural. No human organism can exist at a perpetual 45 degree angle. Only option; reach out to Left as counter weight

Ob 4: Center-Right = Intellectual Dishonesty. This “reaching out to Left” manifests in Social Liberalism. No Center-Rightist will admit it.

Ob 5: Center-Rightism = Increased Left potency. This occurs because of its inherent anti-Traditional stance.

Ob 6: Center-Right=Weakend Traditionalism. C-R can be strong only if & when Traditional Nationalists naively buy into it.

Ob 6a: Center-Right=Weakend Traditionalism. Its Social Liberalism makes it the enemy of Traditional Nationalism.

Ob 7: Center-Right= Secular-Right.

Ob 8: All Liberalism must turn Left eventually. To shade it in terms of Libertarianism means nothing. The latter is an ingredient; not the recipe.

Ob 9: Hindu Dharma does not equal Liberalism.

Ob 9a: Hindu Dharma is Traditional. Builds on social experience & lessons learned in the path towards healthy & strong social & National life.

– Namaste

One Response

  1. I agree. Centre Right is for those spineless who do not want to utter the word Hindu. They use secular terminologies to be loved by all and want to stay uncontroversial.
    It is nothing but acting like Congress, nothing new about such fence sitters.

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