I’m back!

Dear readers,

When I last moved my blog to the centreright portal on the 13th Sept ’10, I made myself and my readers a promise –

This, however, should not indicate any change in my Traditionalist Hindu stance and further, such a change has not been a requirement by my new hosts.

I kept my promise and my posts attest to this fact.

Unfortunately, my hosts could not, for some unexplained reason, keep to their end of the agreement and decided to drop my name from the list of their contributors. I was given no notice or intimation either in writing or verbally, so I cannot provide an exact date for their unilateral decision. It is however interesting that they decided to carry some of my posts on their front-page recently and touted me as a “CRI” contributor on twitter all the while denying me my place on the portal.

It was then that I finally decided it was time to shed this baggage of the “centreright” I was carrying around for absolutely no reason at all.

I’m glad I did it.

– Namaste

7 Responses

  1. Welcome back!

    I like you better here. And of course, missing you on twitter, or is it that I’m inadvertently overlooking your tweets?

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Zoom Indian Media, Ketan Panchal, Chaitanya S, Pala and others. Pala said: I'm back!: http://t.co/LNgf2GQ – New post. […]

  3. No no. I’m on twitter. I wasn’t for a week or so recently. Thanks for asking 🙂

  4. >>>”It was then that I finally decided it was time to shed this baggage of the “centreright”…”

    so many baggages are carried around, isn’t it…

    shedding baggages is a recommended step to mukti


  5. For most Hindus, it is very important that they differentiate amongst the many baggages and choose the most useful for themselves.

    Not all can or should shed all baggage.

  6. The one who carries the cross is nailed to it.

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