Rahul G’s leaks – Focus on ideological basis

Today’s reports revealing Rahul Gandhi’s leaked observations over conversations with foreign diplomats have created a furor.

Rahul Gandhi, the “crown prince” of Indian politics, told the American ambassador last year that Hindu extremist groups could pose a greater threat to his country than Muslim militants.

In comments likely to cause a storm in India, Gandhi, who is considered a likely prime ministerial candidate, warned Timothy Roemer that though “there was evidence of some support for [Islamist group Lashkar-e-Taiba] among certain elements in India’s indigenous Muslim community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community”.

The 40-year-old son of the Congress party president, Sonia Gandhi, said that “the risk of a ‘home-grown’ extremist front, reacting to terror attacks coming from Pakistan or from Islamist groups in India, was a growing concern and one that demanded constant attention”.

His words were revealed in one of 4,000 leaked U.S. diplomatic cables sent from Delhi. The cables reveal a difficult but increasingly warm relationship between a prickly emerging power and a superpower keen to be friends but on its own terms.

There has been predictable Hindu outrage against Rahul Gandhi’s comments that mirror his imbibed political philosophy. However, restricting the current outrage to Rahul’s person will hardly serve any purpose when the malaise is ideological.

In Hindusthan, the progenitor and main container of Secular-Liberalist ideology has been the Congress Party. This ideology espouses a contract between the State and individuals exemplified in equal citizenship rights for all those that sign on the contractual dotted line. When it comes to the majority, such a State does not give credence to ethnicity, socio-religious values and the majority’s innate sense of historical experience and nation-hood. When the question is of minorities, all of these factors gain prominence by default because the liberal dogma of this ideology demands that the quality of “minority welfare” be the determining factor of righteous Statecraft. One can now see that a progressive weakening of the majority with a consequent strengthening of the minority is simply logical.

The Secular-Liberal State does not believe in “majority-minority” because it purports not to have a State religion with minority religious affiliations. However, as one observes above, it cannot really close its eyes to the existence of minorities since the quality of the latter’s welfare are this State’s moral compass to an extent where any rightful national assertion by the ethnic majority is immediately viewed as dangerous fascism.

The progress and ascendency of Secular-Liberalism in our highly religious country is actually a testimony of the gullibility of Hindu nationalist leadership – past and present. But coming back to the topic at hand, Rahul Gandhi, not well known for his intellectual qualities, was merely mouthing off something he’s always heard at the family dinner table. “Majority communalism is fascism and more dangerous than minority communalism”.

What the current outrage must consider is just how much of this ideological poison has been imbibed by so called Hindu organizations and political parties. When they attack Rahul Gandhi’s comments as they will; are they really attacking its ideological basis or the hollow individual bearing the message?

– Namaste

2 Responses

  1. yes the tsunami of hindu outrage has crossed kerala,tamilnadu,andhra,karnataka,orissa and is heading towards west bengal.
    its a fact shared by many in this country and its a blatant lie that congress is responsible for indian secularism.the cong at independence was 10 times the current sangh and of all things they included prevention of cow slaughter(inspite of objection by the tribal member) in directive principles and rebuilt somnath temple.
    nehru singlehandedly passed the hindu code bill bulldozing the congress including the than president rajendra prasad.
    the congress party was in the habit of praising the british king since its inception and came to think of independence only when britishers tried to help the lower castes and reform the country.tilak opposed vehemently the pvt member bill on legalising intercaste marriages in 1918 and was upported by most in congress.the era of reservation had started under the british and hence congress changed stripes from king praising party to demanding independence.
    the britishers gave more benefits to the dalits and gandhi almost died and the congress forced ambedkar to sign the poona pact.partition would have been prevented if dalits had separate electorates and muslims too could have got it on those lines but the hindutva congress can have none of it.
    the bad luck of hindutvavadisis the power nehru family holds over congress.all the upper caste spokesperson where embarassed initially in supporting the truth said by rahul about the greater threat to india.
    pakistan went the islamic way courtesy army and the worlds only hindu country till recently remained hindu becos army was under he ranas control.chances of a L E T inspired general attempting coup is almost nil but a sangh inspired general is a more worrying possibility.
    the entire sangh always stands for brahmin supremacy and will never talk of dalit shankaracharyas /obc priests in badrinath,tirupathi etc but will usurp the majority space though being a minute minority.
    UPA govt has been forced by the allies to increase the scope of reservation and it benefits mainly the majority hindu dalits and obcs and the only opponents where the ideologues of sangh chandan mitra and arun shourie(quiet a bit of internet hindus dream of him as a PM Candidate)
    for the first time i am impressed with rahul. three cheers and continue the legacy of your family

  2. @Ganapathy:
    You are badly mislead/ misguided.
    Change your attitude before it ruins your life.

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