The Assault on Hindusthan – 26th of November

And there were close to 200 civilian deaths, many more wounded.

This date should be one of remembrance and a solemn promise to one’s family and self never to let it happen again; however it is a day of rancor because lessons have not been learnt and we are still not prepared. Is there a hope of lessons being learnt within a polity that commemorates January 30th as Martyrs Day, a date that teaches us to perceive patriots as enemies? I should think not.

A nation prepares itself against enemies only when it perceives an enemy. The Hindu Nation has been taught not to perceive. We don’t have enemies and never did, say our historians and school teachers. Therefore, how can we prepare against some? Isn’t this the reason why we offer sweet reasonableness to a criminal State that was directly responsible for the deaths and much more on this date and others?

Let us Hindus remind ourselves on this date and others, the threat was and is to the Hindu Nation, Hindus as a people and living society. This was no threat against a superficial “idea of India” but there are deadly assaults on a living Hindusthan.

People will claim, “but Muslims died too!” No doubt our grief should embrace all the dead and forget for a moment they would have lived if only the doping killers knew they had Muslims in front of their barrels.

What can a lay Hindu practically do?

He can remind himself and his that he has mortal enemies

He can remind himself and his that the polity he dwells in does not care about the threats he and his, face

He can remind himself to narrate this tragic tale to all within his reach

He must tell his children

They must never forget but strive to change

– Namaste

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