Liberal democracy’s Achilles’ heel

I think there is enough in this piece of information to indicate just what is wrong with liberal democracy.

The conversion of Tony Blair’s sister-in-law to Islam is not illegal. Her motivation to convert, her publicized views on “oppression of Muslims”, Israel etc seem to align with one another. However, none of these facts will ever affect her citizenship rights and consequently, her rights as a British National.

Free democracies desperately need a mechanism of ejection of “Nationals” who forsake their Nation while not wanting to forsake their citizenship. The mechanism should be designed to identify such “Nationals” turned non-Nationals and then alter their citizenship rights accordingly.

At present, there is nothing that prevents a former National from exercising his or her full citizenship rights since citizenship = being a National = full rights as citizen in liberal democracies. Such is the case even in countries that have so called conservative dispensations come to power.

In the case of Hindusthan, such a need is obviously direr.

– Namaste


One Response

  1. Perhaps, you might want to extend the inclusion criteria for what constitute nationality. The reason ones conversion to Islam would not be deemed as a radical change in ones personal beliefs and way of living is because there is a difference between ‘religion’ (which includes broad category of cultural practices) and mere ‘theology’ (including mythology).

    So, whether Blair’s sister-in-law’s ‘transformation’ was merely of theological nature wherein she starts believing in different set of superstitions as compared to before, or actively embraces oppressive elements of Islam that call for suppression of others’ rights, which go against liberal principles, remain to be seen.

    If she actively calls for dilution of liberal principles, and is seen to be effectively mobilizing people, then she would become a pariah to liberalism. It is possible that then it would be too late for the UK to intervene, but that possibility as of now is conjectural.

    Thanks for directing me here!

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