A Resistance Syllabus

It is fairly common knowledge that Hindusthan’s school system denationalizes Hindu children. Non-Hindu children do not need to worry about being denationalized since being minorities, all they need to be is well behaved, productive and loyal subjects.

There have been half baked attempts in terms of both content and permanence in the past to rectify this “educational” anomaly by introducing a Hindu nationalist discourse in school texts. Even such haphazardly minimal efforts did not go without causing extreme offense to the gatekeepers of Fort Liberala.

Is it then not time enough to think about taking our dog out of the fight ring and placing him in the wide open grounds? If that’s too picturesque, is it not time to create a “resistance syllabus”? A syllabus which is not controlled by State authorities inherently inimical to Hindu children receiving a Hindu education?

Many will recoil at the idea. “How much more can our children take? They are already burdened!” All this is true. Education in Hindusthan is designed to bend not sharpen minds. I see the blank purposelessness in youngsters’ eyes at the end of every school day and they don’t go to a Christian institution.

I think there are small things Hindu parents can do if the premises are understood well.

• A Hindu education should instill a sense of brotherhood in the Hindu child for Hindu people

• A Hindu education should instill a sense of ownership and belonging to Hindu bhumi by creating a deep awareness of its dimensions and its importance for the Hindu Rashtra

• A Hindu education must instill pride and awareness about Hindu samaja, in all its cultural and social manifestations

• A Hindu child should acquire a base nationalist framework within which to view the nature of historical events. He should learn to distinguish between those inherently inimical to Hindu samaja and those that can be reformed

A beautiful way to start would be to learn and reflect, with our children, upon the Ekatmata Stotra.

My proposal is to build lightly on these premises so that they may act as coats of armor for our children and protect them from the most subtle forms of subversion.

– Namaste

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