Passage of the Jew into Hindusthan – Lessons

In an earlier post I had spoken about the Parsis and their exile from their motherland into the warm embrace of Hindusthan. I had also spoken of the realistic King Jadi Rana who spoke frankly of his expectations from the new guests.

This time, I’m highlighting another monotheistic race from the ancient land of Judea; who came as traders and as exiles, forced out by the mighty Romans…scattered…some of whom made their way to Hindusthan.

The Jews seem not to have encountered a condition of settlement but seem to have received a carte blanche –

“In 379 CE, The Hindu king Sira Primal who was also known as Iru Brahman, issued what was engraved on a tablet of brass, his permission to Jews to live freely , build synagogue, own property without conditions attached and as long as the world and moon exist.”

Elsewhere we learn –

As a gratitude for their contribution to the kingdom, the ruler Sri Parkaran Iravi Vanmar gave to the head of the Jewish community Joseph Rabban the village of Anjuvannam and pronounced him the Prince of this village. These Jewish rulers had all the rights preserved to the ruling families of the Indian kingdoms.

One can learn about Hindusthan’s Jews here and here.

The point of noting these landmarks in Hindu history is to observe how we welcomed harassed and beaten races, made them feel at home, rewarded them for their good behavior, but never made assimilative overtures to these monotheists unless they themselves felt the need to somewhat assimilate.

I would like readers to think how the Hindu Rashtra should deal with those monotheistic minorities who will neither assimilate nor behave well.

– Namaste

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