Old post on homosexuality

Pilid’s reference to Bush Jr administration’s views on homosexual and abortion rights reminded me of this old post wherein I have argued from a Hindu perspective.

– Namaste


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  1. The Delhi High Court’s judgment in the gay rights case was deeply flawed and reeked of colonialism. For an indepth analysis of its flaws, you can read this old post.

    If you followed the court hearings of that case (transcripts of which were published by Lawyers Collective and the AltLawForum), you might have noticed that the judges almost at the very outset dismissed religious faith and belief and sought only “scientific” arguments. Even in the judgment, faith and belief find no mention claiming to rely solely on science and reason. In reality, it was nothing of the sort but a naked political opinion masquerading as a legal judgment under the cover of irrelevant but high sounding scientific claims. MSM commentators of course widely hailed it (falsely) as a “well-researched” judgment and launched a failed campaign to elevate the lead author to the Supreme Court. This post nails those half truths and shows how the honorable justices ignored elementary legal principles to arrive at their predetermined conclusion.

    Also read Justice Kannan’s blog post which deals with some of the religious aspects of homosexuality.

  2. Looks like the first link in the above comment does not work, so try this.

  3. Thank you for this information Pilid!

    I think I had missed approving the first comment since it got held up because of the url links.

    I’ll read up and make my comments.

    Thanks again Sir!

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