Brief thoughts whilst Hindus wait…

Dec 6th, 1992 and after tested Hindu leadership. Can we say they passed their test?

Its been a mixed bag. Important leaders disowned the act of destruction by “vandals”. They claimed such an act to be their life’s saddest day. Others in days to come would deny Janmasthan with colorful logic – “A cheque once encashed cannot be used again”..”the BJP is not a construction company” etc etc..

There were leaders who did not like this trend of denial. Some rebelled and some remained quite. Later events are testimony to the fact that the Hindu Samaja as such, lost faith in the entire set of leaders – denyers as well as those who fought such denial because they were ineffective. Rare were the exceptions and these have remained outside of the cesspit. Good.

There were primarily two goals that our Samaja identified with while lending its support to the Janmasthan movement – The religious, as Hindus are prone to perceive religion and the political, as a revolt against secular-liberalism and its arrogant ingresses into and against the Hindu polity’s rightful space.

Those who decided to remain with the courts were either ill-advised or cunning. The courts cannot decide matters of religion and politics. This should be settled by the Hindu Samaja with, without or inspite of the Muslims. Dec 6th settled the question. Hindu Samaja had decided to move inspite of Muslims. By remaining with the courts; Hindu leadership negated this mandate issued to them by Hindu Samaja.

Whatever be the court’s verdict, the movement’s leadership must change. Unless it changes, Hindu Samaja is well advised to withhold its support to these organizations. Not even the worst enemies of Hindus and their interests can say today that ordinary Hindus have “moved on”. Only idiots can and do. Hindus have remained loyal to their Samaja and its interests. This is the reason for the political class’s nervousness. They care less about the verdict and more about the support they hope to continue garnering.

Hindu Samaja deserves new leaders with their credibility intact. Some of the old, who have retained both credibility and respect, should now take the lead.

– Namaste


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