Maxwell Pereira – Remember T John?

When I read this tweet, I was filled with righteous indignation. Felt like lashing out!

Think about it…how does one lash out against vermin?

That a man, respected in circles wide enough to awe the unsuspecting, should think in such terms is actually a positive sign because he bears his true colors for all to see. Something like HT Sangliana did..another hero.

God bless Maxwell! Let his article find the widest audience but let it travel hand in hand with this reposte to T John.

This again, is a lesson for all those Hindus who feel there are good people in all cultures. It is not a question of goodness, it is what one does with it that counts. In this case ask how Maxwell’s goodness is helping Hindu society thrive as Hindu society.

Maxwell Pereira is indeed full of love and concern for the Christian folk of Mangalore..and this is how he expresses it.

– Namaste

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