Which word scares liberals more?

When I read this tweet in response to today’s discovery of a crude bomb in New York city’s Times Square, it made me think.

Here’s what the tweeter said – “The NYPD is trying hard not to use the word “terrorism” which is stupid. Anyone who plants a car bomb in Times Square is a terrorist”

I should say I have no issues with the reprimand contained in that tweet. We should be able to identify an act for what it obviously is. Not that but something else – I thought the tweeter was missing the point.

I did not think the NYPD was running scared of the “T” word. I thought they were in fact running scared of the “I” word and/or as I was thinking now, the “R” word. I suppose my readers will auto-know what the “I” word is but the “R” is for that other sword liberals wield over nationalists – Racism.

So here’s what I dug up and found.

Ex-NYC Top Cop: Profile for Terrorists

told MSNBC’s “Hardball.” Safir”We know what the 19 hijackers looked like on 9/11,”

blasted the city’s current practice of random subway searches on Thursday night as a wasteful exercise in “PR,” saying instead that police must be allowed to use “terrorist profiling” to stop the next attack.SafirFormer New York City Police Commissioner Howard

“We know what the London [train bombers] looked like. We know what the embassy bombers looked like in Africa. We know what the Cole bombers looked like.”

The comments by Safir, who presided over much of New York City’s decline in crime under former mayor Rudy Giuliani, were sharply at odds with the anti-terror policies of Giuliani’s successor, Michael Bloomberg, who said just two weeks ago:

“I think if we’ve learned anything, it is, you can’t predict what a terrorist looks like.”

Bloomberg has strictly forbidden any kind of police profiling whatsoever, requiring the NYPD to keep records of subway searches to ensure that all racial groups are being targeted equally.

But ex-Commissioner Safir said that kind of approach is a waste of time, contending that “using information on the profile of what a terrorist looks like is smart and intelligent anti-terrorism work.”

“Let’s face it,” he added. “We have not had 75-year-old grandmothers with shopping bags blowing up subway trains or embassies.”

“Use common sense,” Safir urged. “The reality is, we are at war. We know what the enemy looks like. And to ignore that is ignoring good policy on dealing with terrorists.”

The NYPD’s former top cop said he favors proposed legislation by New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind that would overturn the state ban on racial profiling.(End of Article)

August of 2005 being nearly 5 years behind us and thinking perhaps the good Mayor had learnt more, I dug again.

And found this – berating Arizona’s immigration law and saying how much he loved immigrants – illegal or otherwise.

Why blame the police when they know exactly what the boss wants and likes?

Closer home, we can draw some pretty good lessons too.

– Namaste

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