Its either a *sigh* or a fight back!

I was watching a wild animal show with the kids this evening and flipped some channels during commercials – then hesitantly paused over at “dance India dance”. My daughters are young and like most other kids these days are well versed in what’s on TV. So I stayed on that program.

It was all about little kids performing to an audience and panel, at the end of which they won entry into the bigger competition – if selected. There was even a boy of five.

Soon after, my kids were yelling to me to hurry up. I had wondered out of the TV room for a little while. I saw a girl, barely in her sixth year, heavily made up, gyrating to sexy, overly suggestive steps and grossly vulgar lyrics. I noticed the panel was hesitant but some of them made an effort to enjoy the “show” put up by that innocent.

Song and dance done and decision-making at hand, the panelists summoned the father of the child – per panel procedure – and asked him who had trained her. The father replied that it was him. Members of that “deeply offended” panel then enquired if he thought it was right for his daughter to be dancing to such “adult” lyrics? I expected the father to fall silent and remain contemplative. But…

“Let me tell you something. I am a dance teacher and know scores of parents who come to me with suggestions for songs and they say they want their children to dance to such songs..”

The young lady won her entry because she had shown enthusiasm and was innocent of what her “elders” had done to her.

Parents can look at all this and choose to either shrug their shoulders and sigh or fight back a depraved trend.

– Namaste

2 Responses

  1. What a coincidence! I have myself written about the same incident on my blog here. I find it very very sad that our entertainment channels are reduced to showing us this kind of stuff. And I guess they should have rejected the kid – I know that may be unfair on the kid, but at least parents watching the show, tempted to subject their kids to the same torture, may learn a lesson. Or so I hope.

  2. I think you have a big point wrt rejection of the kid’s performance.

    However, true to form the panelists did not want to look unfair.

    Liberalism does that you see. Forces people to choose the wrong option only so they can look fair to everybody.

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