Uniform Civil Code?! How many times have you beaten your wife today?

When I disagreed with Shri Sandeep earlier, I had realities like these in mind.

Some folks may be quick to jump on the fact that the information pertains to Kashmir – the Muslim part of the state of J & K – I’m not denying that greater approval for wife beating in Kashmir may have it’s basis in such traditions, but the larger point is that men in general do have a stronger tendency to use their hands to settle an argument with their wives.

To deny this would be untrue.

I do not know of a comparable Hindu caste or tribal tradition that would allow or sanction such behavior and in fact, there are plenty of traditions that inculcate respect for the woman of the house – but still I would not vouch for a Hindu man to be completely free of such vice. Nevertheless there is always hope that better education will reinforce respectful traditions toward women.

Some people will say implementing a Uniform Civil Code will take care of positive religious sanction – as seen in the link above – for the act of wife beating, since such a code will negate Personal Law – a Law that provides sanction for traditional laws such as this. I disagree.

As the survey shows so clearly, a majority of the women support or in any case do not disapprove of wife-beating. This reaction may be due to conditioning – as the article says or and much more likely due to the need not to disagree with tradition. Of course it is very likely that these Muslima women would have heard of the Koranic allowance; not likely many would disagree if questioned.

So my point is that under such circumstances, any wishful thinking that a Uniform Code will “free” Muslim women from their male “bondage” will most likely backfire and harden support for traditions – good and bad.

If I were to use this reasoning for society/ies in Hindusthan – then my opposition to the UCC agenda makes greater sense.

We must rely on tradition to evolve a better society for ourselves. There is little one can do for those societies that will not evolve for the better.

– Namaste

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