Good to be back!

That was a long hiatus! The sad part is that none of it was restful – work, commenting and tweeting – all of this and quantitatively loads of it all!

I’ve linked to my tweets ( does not allow, I think, to display two-way conversations) so that readers may click in and join the conversation.

I’ve been debating the pros and cons of legalizing prostitution at The Acorn – Some very bright gentlemen there in Shri Murthy, Oldtimer etc

I’ve really muddied the waters at Sandeepweb over linguistic states (not the topic of the main post though). I’ve been defending my argument against some excellent minds in Shri Siddharth and Shri Rajiv Chandran.

Please do read these debates – I apologize for my thoroughly rough and provocative style but this is more than offset by the erudition of my debating partners.

I will be posting more regularly henceforth 🙂

– Namaste

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