Is it not time we arm ourselves?

There are two pieces of information in this link.

The first report pertains to a Dalit drummer who was shot for not beating his drum hard enough at a wedding in Uttar Pradesh.

The second report (blurb)refers to a Dalit youth enjoying a musical show (part of a wedding to which apparently he was not invited), sitting on a chair for guests – being shot to death after he identified himself as a Caste-man belonging to the Musahar Caste. This was in Bihar.

Without getting into too many technicalities or details of who?, whence?, what?, I’d like readers to think of if this would have ever happened if the shooters knew their victims had guns on them or at their homes.

Is it not time we re-win the right to bear arms and ensure our government allows it’s sale at affordable cost?


– Namaste

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