What a woman!

Sometimes I feel we get so engrossed in stupid things like minarets that we forget to honor those who truly deserve it.

I’m very thankful to @centerofright on twitter who carried this piece of information about a very very brave, courageous and selfless young female teacher of 21 who died in the process of saving children from drowning.

Remarkably, she did not know how to swim.

At 21 years, she had her full life ahead of her and yet she threw it away for many more lives.

It’s my honor to present this honorable deed of Ku. Suganthi.

– Namaste

Brave teacher saves seven children before drowning

Fri, Dec 4 04:58 PM

Porayar (TN), Dec 4 (PTI) The 21-year-old lady teacher, who died along with nine primary school students in the van mishap in Nagapattinam district yesterday, helped save seven children before drowning, attempting to rescue more. When the van plunged into the temple pond at Kathiripulam village near Vedaranyam in the district, the driver Mahendran, cleaner Subramanian and the teacher Suganthi came out of the vehicle breaking glass windows.

They immediately started pulling out the children through the window, eye-witnesses said. Though the driver, who was reportedly talking over his mobile when the mishap took place, fled fearing public reprisal, Suganthi and Subramanian managed to save about seven children, they said.

Finding that more children were getting drowned, Suganthi, who did not know how to swim, jumped into the water to rescue them and drowned, they added. Villagers and police later fished out her body along with the bodies of nine children.

Suganthi could have survived if she had not plunged into the water to rescue the children, eye-witnesses said. .

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