Some thoughts on the Swiss Minaret issue

I just posted the following response in on ongoing debate at The Acorn generated by Shri Vishnu Som’s (NDTV) incredible observations: Those interested, kindly visit The Acorn to read the rest of the debate.

– Namaste

I’d like to debate Shri Tejal’s views and not necessarily limited to his last post –

This has to be the first time I appreciated getting my head bitten off, simply because it demonstrates that IM’s do not see themselves as different from the cultural fabric of India.>>

I disagree with the convenient assumption that Hindusthan’s Muslims do not see themselves as different from this cultural fabric. I disagree because (1)this flies in the face of liberal insistence that this country is multicultural. I.e. Many cultures existing in one country. There is no one fabric. (2)This country’s Muslims have NEVER voiced their opinion against aggression on Hindu symbols of culture anywhere in the world, including this country.

So, there are in fact two fabrics of culture.

Trickey, JaiC – However, I am an expat, and outside India, there is still a huge gap in acceptance and understanding of Islamic culture. To insist that this gap does not exist is a little bit like sticking your head in the sand.>>

I cannot understand why a National society must be forced to accept and understand (not necessarily in that order) something they do not wish to. Something they witness as *distasteful* elsewhere. Something they see as a threat to their own culture.

I don’t agree with commenters who try to deny that such instincts of *defense” exist. Merely looking at the *vote* and not at the “instinct” that generated the vote is not sensible.

I stand by my argument that if we see a scenario where the liberal section of the Muslim world fails to react with a measured and logical response to counteract the bad blood created by terrorists, this will pose a danger to the peace and security of India as well. It is not only a Babri Masjid that can lead to riots in Mumbai, a Nazi style attack on European Muslims will stoke flames in the streets of India too.>>

I don’t know of any “liberal section” of the Muslim world. All such “liberal sections” ultimately rationalize such Muslim behavior. Theologically they stand miserably defeated. They cannot even oppose the unsophisticated Taliban on merits.

What I find interesting but not uncommon is the view that reaction to Islamic violence leads to “Nazi-like” acts against Muslims. This is amazing because (1) It’s a reaction. Not pro-active action (2) should the victim not possess a threat perception at all? Why are the victims of Islam being disarmed like this?

In my view, KSA and Muslim countries have the right to their culture in their own lands. I will not argue against their Shar’ia – Civil and Criminal – In their own lands. Since we do most certainly have two nations in Hindusthan, I’m all for Muslims having their Shar’ia – Civil and Criminal. They can retain their Mosques and Minarets too. However, any interference with Hindus and their culture must receive appropriate and reciprocal responses.

Muslims in Hindusthan are a minority (whole numbers)and must appreciate their position. I agree with Shri Chidambaram when he said the safety of the minority is vested with the National majority.

A word for the unreal Hindus – Please realize that human instincts to survive is very strong. Each will fight to protect their culture which is verily their own mother, their home. Please do not mislead those of us who have retained this instinct by providing a *scent* that is alien – and then ask us to defend that instead. This is true for all castes and tribes and groups of Hindu society.

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