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A simple proposal

How many times have we not heard Hindus complaining about how the Mainstream Media (MsM) treats their concerns – rather anything that concerns Hindus as in their culture and/or security?

How many times have we not witnessed the ease with which representatives and spokespersons of Hindu organizations have been played around with and otherwise taunted by the MsM in their studios – on their so-called “talk shows”?

How many times (too many in fact) have we not witnessed Hindu spokespersons constrained at the knees and at the tongues with self-imposed requirements of political correctness – unable to evenly express their concerns and thoughts without fear of being labelled “fascists”, “communal”, “anti-democratic” etc etc?

Indeed how many times have we not witnessed the blanking out of all Hindu views from print and electronic media only because these have been inconvenient for Muslims and other favored minorities to accept? That they (the minorities) would feel threatened and “would feel hurt”?

Finally, how many times have we not heard powerful Hindu leaders whimper about the lack of a Hindu media? It’s unbelievably true.

Isn’t there a simple solution most times, to complex issues? Here it is – Boycott the MsM.

I propose that Hindu organizations – Cultural and political; and individual Hindu intellectuals, boycott any and every media that ignores or plays truant with Hindu concerns. Boycott the media that will be unfair to Hindu views and will not allow it’s spokespersons to speak freely.

I note that the only Hindu leader who had the courage to do this has been Shri Narendra Modi. His dignified (to the MsM it is “arrogant”) behavior with this media clique has earned him tremendous respect amongst Hindus. He does not care about feelings of hurt. His habit has been to call a spade a bloody shovel. His is a win-win formula for Hindu nationalists.

Why can he not be emulated? Think about it.

On the other hand watch this (readers will have to choose the correct video) discussion on the fatwa against Muslims singing Vande Mataram. Even though the Hindu side was represented – it was hardly heard and was much constrained by political correctness. At least this is my understanding of what went on in that discussion. Watch Shri (my sincere apologies)Kanchan Gupta Chandan Mitra, an upright no-nonsense journalist himself, not even raising an alert over the fact that Vande Mataram was truncated at the insistence of Muslims. It was a critical early surrender by the Congress under Gandhi. Still not a blimp on the Hindu radar.

Note also the new twist that was carried so very simply by everybody – Yea sayers and the so-called “Nay” sayers.

That twist was the “new” discovery about the first two stanzas of the song having been penned by Bankim Chandra much earlier to his authorship of Ananda Matha – the novel that carried the soul stirring song. Apparently the later stanzas (those that the Muslims object to) were penned along with the book to suite it’s militant mood. Here’s the delicately played out mid-game  Shri Kanchan Gupta witnessed but would not counter – Since the first two stanzas were in any case separate from the “whole” poem that also contained the “objectionable” stanzas, it is not really a truncated song but the whole song of two stanzas in itself.

The inherently immoral force of this logic seemed to sweep all possible and probable Hindu objections and protestations aside. A Hindu spokesman not concerned with niceties would have bluntly said that at the time the song was being cut-up to meet Muslim demands, no one knew that they were separately composed by Bankim. Therefore in essense and in fact, it remains a Hindu surrender to Muslims gangsterism.

Coming back to my proposal, this is the way I would see it played out:

1. All Hindu organizations and Hindu elite of all orders boycott noted MsM – A set of “fair-play” demands are made and presented to their ombudsmen.

2. Hindu discourse moves into the streets and into the neighborhoods. Into small towns and villages.

3. Hindu leaders, big and small, conduct meetings open air amidst the lay populace. Media is not invited but they can be there. It’s a free country.

4. Any contesting spokesperson from the opposing camp may engage the Hindus side only on the latter’s turf. That’s the street. The populace again will bear witness.

5. Any Hindu who surrenders and/or bends to MsM seduction must be called out a quisling.

This state of affairs must continue until such time as media is truly representative of all kinds of views – until proper structures are in place to ensure this.

In my thinking there is no way this action can hurt the Hindu position. On the other hand it will provide much-needed positive publicity and connect. Also it will provide an opportunity for many more bright Hindus to hone their media skills from grass-roots – comperes and conductors of discussions. A possible strong grounding to a future Hindu media.

Think about it!

– Namaste

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