A short note to a Dalit ideologue

Here’s what I wrote to Shri Anoop Kumar, a much respected and conscientious person who however cannot seem to fathom opposition to his views.


I just noticed that you’ve blocked (from Shri Anoop Kumar’s facebook profile where I had been contesting his “truths”) me. I’m not at all surprised.

This means your scared of contrarian views deflecting the tunnel vision of those who follow you and/or your views blindly. It’s also kind of ironic that you should practice untouchability. No issues.

I will carry a link of your blog on my profile (facebook) and on my website. Ask your “followers” to visit it to comment even if you yourself are too ashamed to do so. All the best.

Thank you

As promised I have posted the link to the blog in both places. On Kone Nakshatra, the (sidebar)link is represented by Dr. Ambedkar’s picture. (I tried to avoid using the picture because I believe Dr. Ambedkar was a true scholar and not a false ideologue.) Still this action of mine is not impulsive not is it made to prove a point. I have gone through the blog and can say with some conviction that the contents are thoughtful even though be highly debatable in their conclusions and assertions.

My hope is that readers may care to read the blog and comment as per their lights.


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