How to prick a liberal, gently – Tsubba at Churumuri does it well

I’ve found Shri Jyotirmaya Sharma to be a classic gas-bag people avoid pricking only because it’s likely to leave a terrible stink. But an esteemed commenter at a liberal blog I love to hate does the pricking quite well.

You’ll need to read Shri Sharma’s article first.

Then look inside the fold…Thank you Tarlesubba!

Very abstract. I could not figure out if the author is against the idea of forcing people to be compliant on the basis of any abstract notion or if he was only against the abstract notion called as nationalism. After all, liberalism is an abstract notion too. One whose ideals are arbitrarily defined and a significant population forced to comply to these definitions, ideals and notions.

As far as views go, nationalism is a minority view too and a dissenting voice at that, for the intelligentsia and the state are firmly in the liberal camp.

So the call for liberalism and the label of being liberalist is not enough, unless you are going to give space to nationalist dissent.

For ordinary people, both nationalism and liberalism are abstract and dont fully understand either of them. what is slightly more understood is the notion of democracy in which there is space for many notions including the above mentioned two.

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  1. could not find tsubba’s comment. could you please help? Thanks.

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