Babri Masjid – Update

The beginning of this episode – here

It looks like the Justice Liberhan Commission Report investigating the demolition of the Babri Masjid will be tabled today in parliament. Fresh updates here.

More interestingly the UPA has come out with an ATR that’s actually a mish-mash of nothingness. Classic mass of red herrings designed to perpetually miss the target.

(Start Quote)”Even when the Liberhan Commission has indicted 68 BJP and Sangh Parivar leaders for Babri Masjid Demolition, the government has, surprisingly, no names in its action taken report (ATR) on the issue.The ATR says that the government will work towards expediting the ongoing trial in the lower courts in Uttar Pradesh.

The ATR has not named any individual against whom fresh action needs to be taken – on the basis of the Liberhan report – for the demolition of the Babri Masjid demolition in Ayodhya in 1992. No fresh charges will be formed against ‘anybody’.

Importantly, the 13-page ATR has proposed a new law, ‘No political leader who holds a position of power in the government will not be allowed to simultaneously hold any position in religious bodies’.

With regards to the action to be taken against those who were behind the demolition, the government thinks it would not be prudent on its part to register fresh cases as there are multiple cases still running against the accused in courts.

The government is also contemplating a bill to check communal violence. The government feels the law would be useful to prevent the dangerous mix of politics and religion.

It also suggests giving statutory powers to the National Integration Council to tackle to communal violence. (End Quote)

The reactions from the BJP itself have been true to type so far with Shri Rajnath Singh firmly anchored to his mental numbness and still shocked about Shri Vajpayee’s name being mention.

From so far there appears to be two likely folks who have shown the requisite balls and not surprisingly, both are currently outside the BJP. Sadhvi Uma Bharati and Shri Kalyan Singh.

Here’s what the Sadhvi said – “I take a moral responsibility for whatever happened in Ayodhya that day and I will face the test in the court of law.”

Here’s what Shri Kalyan Singh said – “Dhacha gaya to gaya” (“If the structure was destroyed, so it was”)

Here’s a report from the Financial Express that talks about how the Uttar Pradesh administration was primed to meet the onslaught against the Masjid.

A note – For long, secular liberals (inside and outside of the Sangh Parivar) have claimed that the issue of the Babri Masjid is dead and no one cares about it any more. The fact that a simple report whose conclusions were long known, generates so much heat, is testimony to the fact that this issue is not simply about a Sri Rama Temple that will be built over the demolished Babri Masjid – It is so much more.

Shortly it touches upon a very raw and unhealed nerve in our Hindu National body politic. That nerve will be healed only when this country’s Hindu basis and ethos is finally and officially recognized. This does not depend on any particular party in power. We have all seen the wretchedness of the BJP and the confusion in the Sangh Parivar as a whole.

All that the polity needs do is to follow the pole-star, i.e. the mass of Hindu people and what grips their hearts and minds.

As further evidence of what I have just said, one needs to hear the pained emotion in Shri Kalyan Singh’s voice when he exclaims – “I was a swayamsewak of the RSS and will always be. I want to see a grand Ram temple coming up at Ayodhya in my lifetime and neither SP nor Congress can make it happen”.

The movement is about Hindu rebirth and resurgence. It is in dire need of selfless, able and courageous leadership.

A movement waiting for a leader. A nation waiting to be heard. Will we be betrayed again?

– Namaste

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