The Liberhan Report : When will Shri Advani stop being sad?

The Babri Masjid was demolished by an enraged Hindu mass on the 6th of December, 1992.

The Justice Liberhan Commission was instituted to go into the following :

To make an inquiry with respect to the following matters:

  1. The sequence of events leading to, and all the facts and circumstances relating to, the occurrences in the Ram Janma Bhoomi-Babri Masjid complex at Ayodhya on 6 December 1992 involving the destruction of the Ram Janma Bhoomi-Babri Masjid structure;
  2. The role played by the Chief Minister, Members of the Council of Ministers, officials of the Government of Uttar Pradesh and by the individuals, concerned organisations and agencies in, or in connection with, the destruction of the Ram Janma Bhoomi-Babri Masjid structure;
  3. The deficiencies in security measures and other arrangements as prescribed or operated in practice by Government of Uttar Pradesh which might have contributed to the events that took place in the Ram Janma Bhoomi-Babri Masjid complex, Ayodhya town and Faizabad on 6 December, 1992;
  4. The sequence of events leadings to, and all the facts and circumstances relating to, the assault on media persons at ayodhya on 6 December, 1992; and
  5. Any other matters related to the subject of Inquiry.

First indications – per the leak

Almost the entire (at the time in ’92) top rung leadership of the BJP, the RSS and affiliates such as the VHP and the Bajrang Dal have been indicted. Interestingly Shri Vajpayee gets on the list whilst the late Shri PV Narasimha Rao is out.

First reactions from the BJP –

The party is fighting on technicalities of “who the hell leaked the report??!”. However what will continue to damn the party and the Hindu movement, if they are not street smart, is Shri Advani’s craven response of “Oh this was my saddest day..didn’t I tell you often enough??”

I’d like to see some spine on the BJP. Let the leadership stand up and be counted. Let them go to trial; not to prove their ‘innocence” but speak up for just Hindu nationalist rights.

Let’s watch.

– Namaste


Palahalli S – Here’s what Shri Rajnath Singh had to say on Shri Vajpayee being named by the Commission –

“The country admires Vajpayee’s towering personality. Efforts are being made to tarnish his image just ahead of elections in Jharkhand, a state created by the BJP-led government. The people will give a fitting reply as the BJP has never been communal ”  – Rajnath Singh SOURCE: India Today

So the destruction of the accursed Babri Masjid tarnishes his (Vajpayee’s) image. That’s understandable since Shri Vajpayee was never a nationalist. But this next takes the cake – “the BJP has never been communal”. I’d want to know what was communal? The Sri Rama Janmabhoomi movement or the destruction of this masjid?

I’m pretty sure Shri Singh won’t be able to make up his twisted mind.

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