Some questions for our Dalit ideologues

On the 22nd of November 2009, Bengaluru witnessed a massive Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh meet. In excess of 60,000 people including Swayamsevaks and Swayamsevikas participated.

Here is a brief report.

We know that anti-Hindu Dalit ideologues marvel in their harangue that the RSS is a Brahmin(ical) organization. Well, here are my questions –

1. How many “Brahmins” were there amongst the Swayamsevaks and Swayamsevikas?

2. How many non-“Brahmins” including “Dalits”?

3. Do you think these Hindus forsook their Caste traditions?

4. Or do you think they came because they saw the Sangh did not threaten their traditions?

5. Do you think that the “Dalits” who attended were proud scavengers and sweepers?

6. Or do you think they had found a better calling?

My wife was on a bus near the venue and the meet had just finished. She called to say she might be late due to traffic. I somehow knew that her discomfort would not last long. I’m happy to say I was right.

Well done RSS!!

– Namaste

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