Killing innocents for jehad is not what my Islam teaches me: Kasab's lawyer

How many times have we not heard this ridiculous but very cunning assertion? Even the Darul Uloom issued a much touted fatwa against terrorism based on it.

However what Muslims who spout such benign inanities will never reveal nor can their ulema tell us openly is who Islam considers innocent. This is a most uncomfortable question for those who defend such assertions and fatwas.

Nevertheless the point of this post is not what Muslims think of jihad. It is, if we are being fair to people like Kasab’s defence lawyers (whoever they might be) when we place them in indefensible situations in the name of upholding justice?

Would it not have been better if there had been a Military Tribunal to try this killer? He is after all one of the many who waged war against this country. He was not in uniform and carried and used his arms to kill combatants as well as non-combatants. He is not merely a murdering terrorist/saboteur, he is also a war criminal who purposefully targeted civilians.

Is it not time enough we seriously thought along these lines?

– Namaste

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