What should ITC do?

There is only one thing this company must do now – wrap up their operations, demolish the building and let the land revert back to Muslim hands and Islāmic purposes. I’d love to see them instill a touch of Kshatriya pride in their cauldron of Vyshya acquisitiveness.

– Namaste

Care for Islāmic sentiments, Windsor Manor told

BANGALORE: Relate them: the city’s renowned and fancied ITC Windsor Manor Sheraton and Towers and Islāmic tenets.

In the long drawn battle with the occupant or lessee of its four-acre expanse in the heart of the city, the State Wakf Board is now pushing for a revised agreement whereby the hotel shall stay, provided it cares enough for Islāmic sentiments.

Thou shall not serve pork and alcohol and the like and thou shall also not allow or indulge in activities that clash with Islam’s precepts, says the Wakf Board.

Minister for  for Wakf  Mumtaz Ali Khan on Thursday told reporters that the Wakf Board’s stand will be made known to the High Court during the next hearing which is due next month.

The Wakf Board is also seeking the cancellation of the crux of their run-in with the ITC group – the 90-year lease agreement that the latter flaunts. An agreement on a monthly profit-sharing basis is what the board wants.

Presently, the hotel is depositing Rs 6 lakh as monthly rent, the Minister observed and said that under the new agreement they are seeking, the rent shall vary according to the profit of the month. The exact percentage may be worked out with the group, he said.

The lease on the Wakf property where the Windsor Manor Hotel stands was first inked in 1973.

The lease period was originally 30 years. In two revisions claimed to have been made over the latter part of the 1970s, the lease period was extended upto 90 years.

The Wakf Board subsequently contested these revisions as illegal, saying that its authorities were kept in the dark about these revisions.


2 Responses

  1. Isn’t this Mumtaz Ali Khan, a moderate muslim minister in Yeddi’s cabinet. I guess once a slime always a slime 🙂 What is with not serving Pork and Alcohol at a hotel got to do with the lease? Or is the sudden deminse of his only son, that has made this moderate muslim go crazy ;).

  2. Well I think at least this specimen of a moderate Muslim has proved he’s not one. But that’s not the point because there are no moderate Muslims. There are only Muslims.

    The point is a waqf land has zero chance of being converted into hotel property. See the link to the waqf website and conditions therein.

    Methinks there was hanky-panky in the deal.

    Now instead of getting into a prolonged court case with ITC, Shri Khan here would like a win-win. Let the hotel remain and function along Islamic tenets and share it’s profits instead of simply paying a paltry sum as rent.

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