How does one counter hate?

Isn’t that question wrong? Rather, should hate be countered at all?

Let’s view it another way. Is it wrong to hate?

What would someone’s answer be?

If I were to answer the question I would first ask who or what the object of hate was. There is or rather should be nothing wrong in hating an evil human being, a group or ideology that does evil and inspires evil behavior in it’s adherents.

Please remember that what I would consider evil may not necessarily be evil for the person or group manifesting it. This is more culture specific. To me Islam is evil, period. However, to the Muslim it is just the reverse. Should I hate Islam/Muslims? To the extent that Islam manifests itself in Muslims and Muslims manifest themselves in my life – there is cause for me to hate Islam and Muslims. So now the obvious question that innocents and babes-in-woods would ask is – what is hateful in Islam?

So in this light it is simply not hateful to hate.

Liberals very often misinterpret fighting hate-fulness as a manifestation of hate itself. They see the means by which this hate-fulness is being fought. A means they, the liberals, find offensive. Interestingly liberals will never oppose similar means when used against their own pet hates. (for instance, maximum violence against Hindu nationalists will never bring protesting liberals onto the streets) So liberals too can hate; only they do not call it that. They call it a fight against hate.

Now, what distinguishes the hate of the liberal and the hate of the conservative-traditionalist? Values.

If the liberal value be that all cultures and religions are equal then his hate will be focused on those that do not subscribe to his creed of equality.

When evil manifests itself as a consequence of such a liberal creed and this cause and consequence is recognized and hated by the conservative-traditionalist; that is the hate displayed by the conservative-traditionalist.

Ultimately it is not hate that should be countered but evil – it’s cause and it’s manifestations.

How do we recognize evil and it’s effects?

To me anything that is subversive of the well-being of Hindusthan’s society, culture and civilization is evil. I cannot feel compassion towards this and such subversive elements.

So when readers read this article, they will know how much of the facts have been air-brushed to meet liberal requirements.

– Namaste


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