Shri Chidambaram and the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind

The issue of the rejection of Vande Mataram by Hindusthan’s Muslim minority is an old one; almost as old as the composition of the song itself. I think that to express surprise and disgust over the summary rejection of Hindusthan’s national song par excellence is a waste of time and a display of Hindu naivety.

The big point is not the Muslim attitude to Vande Mataram but Shri Chidambaram and his ilk, the attitude of Hindusthan’s elite who will accept invitations from organizations like the Jamiat and make supplicant speeches in their gatherings.

The passing of provocative and in many cases anti-national resolutions was the third item on the program and Shri Chidambaram’s speech was the eighth. There was no way this minister could have been ignorant of what had already transpired.  And yet he went ahead and made a wholly unnecessary and idiotic speech praising to high heavens his guests for the day. Perhaps it is too much to expect any assertion of self-respect from our politicians – be they of the Congress or the BJP – he could have cited the resolutions and made a graceful exit on point of order.

JUH Program

Shri Chidambaram unfailingly insists he is an intelligent man who should be taken seriously. Yet his stances on the Ishrat Jahan & Co. affidavit, anti-Naxalite flip-flops and now this episode seem to put paid to any such claim to high IQ, let alone prioritising national security, which as Home Minister, is his prime and sacred duty.

– Namaste


A reader, Pharoah, observes –


This is the same guy who ridicules Arun Shourie as the only person with a above 60 IQ in the BJP and is always drafted to do any work that requires an IQ more than 60

Be that as it may, PC’s chicanery and flipflops are legendary. He ran down the gains made by NDA in the economic/finance arena, after he took over as the FM. Now he is the Home Minister after 26/11 bombay mayhem. Luckily there is nothing left by his predecessor (either LKA or Shivraj Patil) to run down by PC. That is a saving grace for us.

Palahalli S responds –

Well, always in a tragic replay just when we think a depth cannot be reached it gets crossed by these worthies. Is real defeat the only medicine that can cure such behavior?


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