Is Hindusthan destined to plough a lonely furrow?

In a recent analysis of Shri Jagannathan’s article on Hindusthan’s friendless foreign policy, I had made the point that this country never commits itself to friendship with like nations in a manner that would create a bond.

The following report in The Hindu confirms this view yet again.

Those policy makers who advise incompetent ministers who cannot think for themselves – must realize the kind of corner they are painting Hindusthan into. If they think they are being clever in avoiding certain obvious costs today then it will be well if they realize that multiples of such costs will come back to haunt us and then the probable odd ally will play safe – just like how we do today.

We labor under the terrible illusion that the US is stuck in our neighborhood and needs us to deal with the likes of China and Russia. This is not true as is evident when it comes to US relations with Pakistan. If we really want to be something more than a pawn on this board of chess, we must take greater risks, stick out our necks more and stick with allies in a manner that makes sense to them too.

There is no denying the fact that the US has mishandled it’s Hindusthan relationship due to false perceptions. However those perceptions will not be changed if we continue to twiddle our thumbs when the need is for action.

The best way to start would be by committing our forces in theaters of war.

– Namaste

India will not send troops to Afghanistan: Antony  

Special Correspondent 

“It is there only to render humanitarian assistance’ 

NEW DELHI: India on Wednesday ruled out any possibility of sending troops to fight along with the U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan, asserting that it was there for extending humanitarian assistance for reconstruction and rehabilitation of the country.

“I am categorically saying that there is no question of Indian military involvement in Afghanistan…not now, not in the future…” Defence Minister A.K. Antony said at a news conference after inaugurating a three-day Coast Guard Commanders conference here.

The Minister was responding to a question whether India envisaged any role since the recent Yudh Abhyas (war exercise) between Indian and the U.S armies at Babina using tanks and para-troopers. It was aimed at counter-terrorism in a situation like Afghanistan.

Internal threats  

To a question whether the U. S. Army would like Indian troops helping it in Afghanistan, a U.S Commander said the American troops would be comfortable to operate jointly with India anywhere, anytime.

Mr. Antony also said that the Centre was seriously concerned over the deteriorating situation in both Pakistan and Afghanistan and underscored that the defence forces were ever alert to meet any challenge to the security of the country.

As to the internal threats from naxalites and Maoists, the Minister said the government was aware of the serious nature of threat and felt the primary task to maintain law and order rested with the State governments.

He said the Centre would extend all help required by the governments to tackle the problem but at the same time, it expected the States also to pay more attention to the issues of development and social justice in tribal areas.

Asked whether the Centre would hold talks with the naxalites, he said the government wanted them to abjure violence.

The government was against using armed forces for internal security unless as a last resort.


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