Think about it !

If to be conservative is also to be less reliant on the government – can we start by abolishing garbage collection in our cities?

Think a little more. A city like Bengaluru produces in excess of 2300 tons of garbage a day. Methinks this is measly when compared with bigger cities – but the local government cannot handle this load properly.

Let’s forget the local government and stay focused on the garbage.

What if?

What if one day the announcement was made to abolish the practice of garbage collection? What would citizens do?

Produce less garbage right? And process what they produce right? In other words start thinking for themselves and act accordingly.

Ok, should organizations spend time teaching citizens the obvious? This is like asking if one can change minds of sufficient numbers of people? The answer to this is pretty obvious – Need makes Way. No garbage collectors – huge pile at my door – I would work hard to reduce and eliminate that pile. No coaxing and teaching required.

Here’s another thought. At the office cafeteria they post a daily sign that tells us how much food got wasted – MTD. Apparently this is supposed to coax  *wasters* into not wasting food they pile onto plates themselves.

What if?

What if the cafeteria charged against the amount wasted? Would folks still waste food?

Now, what about all those folks employed in the garbage collection departments? I’d suggest they be trained at higher occupations. Gardening perhaps? Instead of taking out garbage from homes, they can now gain employment as gardeners in the neighborhood and help households use their processed garbage better. People tend to pay more for a service like garden-tending than for garbage-collecting.

Think about it!

– Namaste


Kum. Kavitha writes –

Hi Pala,

You are not talking about the gardens that people grow in front of their houses encroaching footpaths…right?

LOL you have some futuristic ideas

Palahalli S replies –
Well no. The thing I had in mind was skill enhancement. The closest skill upward would look like that of a gardener, I don’t know for sure though. Also, there must be plenty of ways to grow a garden of sorts without encroaching public spaces – roof gardens etc?
But I think this idea would solve our garbage collection and disposal problems to a great extent apart from making people think for themselves and take responsibility for their own waste.

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