"Hindus in India are *very* liberal. All religions are one." – I said no

I had occasion to link with Mangan’s website via VFR and I found a commenter there saying “Hindus in India are *very* liberal. All religions are one.”

I thought it needed to be corrected and so said the following –

I’d just like to clarify that the following statement made by an earlier commenter is not accurate –

“Hindus in India are *very* liberal. All religions are one.”

Hindus are not liberal. They are very conservative.

Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma is built differently from Christianity or Islam. There is no instrument of conversion nee expansion.

Hindus are largely or mostly organized by caste or tribe. Because there is no inherent need to convert, these various divisions are left alone to nurture their traditions and culture.

Now, since Hindusthan is a multi-cultural Secular State in the sense that it accommodates religious minorities like Christians and Muslims, the State is also liberal.

It’s a curious fact that Hindusthan is a conservative society (Hindus and minorities) that is ruled by a Secular-Liberal State. This of course makes sense because Hindusthan is also a democracy given to the policy of Universal Adult Franchise.

So any party that can be seen to be friendly toward the maximum variety of the electorate – is the party that will probably win the poll.

As regards “All religions are one”, this is a corrupt take-off from the Sanatana Dharmic saying – Sarva Dharma Samabhava or “All *religions* are equal”.

One must read the above with – Ekam Sat Vipraha Bahudah Vadanti

I.e. there is one Truth and different paths lead to that Truth.

So taken as a whole in light of how Sanatana Dharma views its traditions that are so varied – one might say that the many Dharmic traditions even though varied, are deserving of equal respect and they help adherents to finally reach their chosen goal.

When one says “equal respect” it should be understood to mean respect for the sincere effort the devotee exerts in his quest. It does not necessarily or automatically mean respecting the specific path as equal to all other paths. So improvisations are possible.

Readers may now appreciate the main differences between proselytizing faiths and Sanatana Dharma in addition to knowing how the Hindu is not liberal and what his vision of “Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava” is.

“All religions are one” then amounts to a cheap political slogan often used in Hindusthan’s liberal politics.

Thank you


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