al-Qaida now recruits native Muslims in the West

John Walker Lindh is apparently not alone. He seems to have spawned his kind. That’s an obvious under-statement.

How will the white West manage this kind of threat where it’s own native citizens, not immigrants but native to the soil, turn traitors?

I ask – can this threat be fought by thinking of it as anything less than open war? For if there is war, then there are enemies, traitors and heroes.

If there is no war, then there are the dispossessed, the depressed, the human rights activists and on the state-side there is the forever oppressive and brutal State supported by the Military-Industrial complex and it’s middle-class consumerist electorate.

– Namaste

 Al-Qaida expanding recruiting base to Europe, US: Report

PTI 19 October 2009, 11:00am IST

WASHINGTON: Taliban and al-Qaida seem to have quietly expanded their recruiting base from South and Central Asia to European nations like Germany, UK and France and even to the US, with many of the new recruits travelling to Pakistan and Afghanistan for terror training.

The Washington Post in a major article on Monday said the new target countries are now struggling to stop their nationals from being recruited by al-Qaida and the Taliban, and have not been able to much headway.

Since January, at least 30 Germans have travelled to Pakistan for terror training, the daily said quoting German intelligence sources.

In an indication of the dangerous trend, a group called German Taliban has also surfaced in Germany, the paper said.

“Last week, German officials disclosed that a 10-member cell from Hamburg had left for Pakistan earlier this year. The cell is allegedly led by a German of Syrian descent but also includes ethnic Turks, German converts to Islam and one member with Afghan roots,” it said.

Other European countries are also struggling to keep their citizens from going to Pakistan for paramilitary training, it said, adding in August Pakistani officials had arrested 12 foreigners headed to North Waziristan, including four Swedes.


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