Is there a Hindu voice against a nuclear Iran?

When I wrote this piece about US President Barack Obama’s dangerous anti-policy on Iran, I had first read the source article I commented on in Shri Auster’s website. I wanted to share with him my thoughts on the matter but felt uneasy emailing him the note – I thought I wasn’t being very fair. So I said – “Now it’s unfair for a Hindu to comment on U.S. policy on Iran without explaining Hindustan’s policy on Iran. That will be my next post to you.”

Why did I think and say this? The reason is that its been too easy for us in Hindusthan to lambast the US for its various policies that seem to hurt our interests. Of course we are happy when the US takes supporting positions on any issue. We lack consistency or do we lack courage?

Let’s do a short survey – please look closely for subtle changes:

1. Most people in Hindusthan view the US as arrogant.

2. Most people in Hindusthan love the US.

3. Hindus in Hindusthan would want the US to back them in any conflict with Pakistan nee Islamic world.

4. Muslims in Hindusthan would want the US to stay home.

5. Liberal Hindus and Muslims (all) are unhappy with US presence in the Middle East .

6. It appears that some conservative Hindus too would like the US to “cool it” in the Middle East.

7. When the US announces a policy of withdrawal (Iraq & Afghanistan), all Hindus are worried and Muslims are happy.

8. All Hindus are worried about US aid to Pakistan – given under various hues.

9. But it hurts Hindu pride to have the US arbitrate in any dispute with Pakistan.

10. Hindusthan shares “resource needs” with the Middle East (Iran et al). Same as the US.

11. Conservative Hindus and I suspect even liberal Hindus love and respect Israel’s courage.

12. Any talk in Hindusthan about shared culture with the Middle East including Iran, harks back to shared Islamic history – us as conquered people – and this is NOT shared by Hindus. Iran’s pre-Islamic past counts as much as cheap cosmetics do.

Wow! I haven’t seen any opinion poll in Hindusthan that would confirm my survey but I’d bet my reputation on its truth. But this is quite confused, don’t you think? Not really.

If I were to boil all those 12 points down I’d come to this simple conclusion –

Hindus are pro-US/Israel because they have suffered alike and more at the hands of Muslims. However, the Hindu people are constrained by a uniform lack of spine displayed by Hindusthan’s long left-liberal reign that takes advantage of heterogenous Hindu society to become the voice of its most vocal and aggressive minority – Muslims. (Little wonder that Hindusthan applied to become a full member of the Organization of Islamic Conference on the plea that it was a country with the third largest Muslim population in the world!)

This record sort of broke when the seemingly Hindu conservative Bharatiya Janata Party came to power and firmed up on earlier pro-Israel policy movements initiated by Prime Minister Narasimha Rao – a conservative Hindu in a liberal political party.

Let me end this post by saying that an official response on Iran’s nukes would probably be on same ground as the West and Israel whilst smiling at Iran.

Will this scene ever change? One possibility would be if Hindusthan formalized military alliances with the West under the aegis of a conservative Hindu Nationalist government. Of course China, Russia and oil are factors that need to be manoeuvred around.

– Namaste


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