News from the Island of the dead

This is sad. Very very sad.

I read about the demise of what was formerly Great Britain often and I wonder just how could this have been possible?

A nation can go weak from strong in material terms due to losses of various kinds and that’s understandable; but to lose one’s mind so completely signifies that death is upon it already.  There is absolutely no Will to live and thrive.

Can so much go wrong in just about 50 odd years? Is liberalism so powerful and relentless in its termite-like gnaw?


When Hindus speak ill of Britain of old, it’s understandable. We react to what we were made to go through under its heel.

However, no nation must suffer this fate. It’s beyond inhuman. They are doing all this to themselves!

This is something that will NEVER happen in Hindusthan. Any court or government would be scared to death to even think about such a course of “action”. Our politicians are mostly cowards and selfish no doubt but they are not stupid.

– Namaste

Britain to set free 30 ‘high risk’ terrorists

Britain is all set to release at least 30 “high-risk” terrorists from jail next year. The decision to free Britain’s most dangerous men came in the wake of a ruling that long sentences for terrorist crimes could “inflame” rather than deter extremism, the Times Online reports.

“Care has to be taken to ensure that the sentence was not disproportionate to the facts of the particular offences. If sentences were imposed which were more severe than the circumstances of the particular case warranted that would be likely to inflame rather than deter extremism,” judges noted.

According to a report, Britain’s appeal court has reduced sentences of 25 terrorists out of 26 26-terrorism cases it heard. Others are being released because they serve only part of their term.

“Due to the extraordinary number of successful appeals, scores of terrorists will be released. Every single one that comes out will have to be supervised until their full sentence expires,” Harry Fletcher, of the probation service union Napo, said.

The leniency of the British appeal court to some convicted terrorists contrasts with America where they can be locked up for their whole lives.

One convicted terrorist, Andrew Rowe, who is due for release, has been assessed as “very high risk. Rowe, 38, a Muslim convert, was caught returning to Britain through the Channel Tunnel with instructions on firing mortars and secret codes for terror attacks. Former anti-terror cop Peter Clarke called him a “global terrorist”.

Rowe was sentenced to 15 years in 2005. He is due to be freed next April after his sentence was reduced to 10 years.


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