Desperate liberals kow-towing cornered suspects

You may want to read this story so far – here. Remember that each post carries a link to what I have written previously and so a chain is made.

This has never been rare; left-liberal hysteria in tow with terror suspects (held by the State) against the nation-state. One recalls that it has had a longish pedigree; from the days of communist involvement as the “brain” behind first, Islam (M.N. Roy) and then Pakistan to the current efforts to insulate Muslims from any and all investigations related to terrorist organizations and/or acts of terror.

It has also become evident that these same “human rights” industry folk who cry hoarse over seeming lack of due process vis a vis terror suspects, waive the same rights to those they accuse of these violations. It’s conveniently and deliberately forgotten that terrorists, by design, deny any affiliation, assert innocence, and wear no marks or carry any identification that would indicate their actual membership and intentions. It is only when they have been careless that our security personnel, informers or common citizens who are concerned enough – can identify malcontents that mingle in society.

None of this is unknown to these “activists” who cry for “human rights”. That makes them plain traitors in the old sense. The modern liberal State, since it does not recognize a “traitor” category any more, is forced to treat these people on even keel and indulge their hysterics as “rightful concerns” or “freedom to express”. The State in Hindusthan is not so lenient; thankfully. Even though there are liberals in high places and infest the chatterati and media, concerned folks at various different wrungs down to the street levels, know the reality. These patriots are unsophisticated enough to do what is right – however harsh. The “human rights” activists know this too. They know that however much the elite hand-wringing liberals may sympathise with their “cause” it’s not enough to make a difference. Not until all levels of State pay obeisance to the liberal creed. (This is true especially in Hindusthan that still has plain and straight thinking folks in abundance. ) All this leads them to greater hysteria and imbalance in their thought processes. Ref: Here & here.

It looks like the “human rights” industry, like their brothers-in-arms they defend, have declared war on the nation-state.

– Namaste


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