A question I asked over at IndiBlogger

Both the Ishrat Jahan & Co case as well as the Naxalite issue are linked to each other at a very basic level.

Liberals in Hindusthan would like to tell us that there is something wrong with our nation-state that makes Muslims and Maoists turn away from it.

However, liberals would never speak in such plain terms. In their own special language they would say minorities and working and agrarian classes have turned away from the oppressive nation-state; thereby they try to make an ideological case for the so called under-dog.

The generally reductionist liberal in such circumstances, likes to look at everything in a holistic manner. Take a bird’s eye view, if you like. So he will lump all minorities together and bracket them with terrorists and their supporters. He will lump all workers and farmers with Naxalites. That’s the way the liberal gathers legitimacy for himself and his cause.

The miasma of an anti-state nation – ie, that all common folks stand against the state and its apparatus is the liberal propaganda. Per him, the only folks who do support the state are privileged upper castes.

The angst that the liberal is suffering from nowadays – and therefore the hysteria – is because he realises that a lot of us are not with him. A whole nation stands against him because he does not speak against the terrorist whilst supposedly speaking for the oppressed. He does not speak against Naxal killers whilst supposedly speaking for exploited farm hands.

I wonder if all this will ever end? In the old days we had “traitors to the nation”. Therefore there would be none who worked actively against the nation without incurring a severe penalty if caught. We now have traitors who work in the guise of “human rights” activists with access to huge funds. Treachery is an industry today.

Should we bring back some old values?

– Namaste


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