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Ishrat Jahan & Co. – Of Alice in her wonderland


`Fury said to a mouse, That he met in the house,

“Let us both go to law: I will prosecute YOU. –Come, I’ll take no denial;

We must have a trial: For really this morning I’ve nothing to do.”

Said the mouse to the cur, “Such a trial, dear Sir, With no jury or judge, would be wasting our breath.”

“I’ll be judge, I’ll be jury,” Said cunning old Fury: “I’ll try the whole cause, and condemn you to death.”

And that’s how the mouse gets “justice” and the cat feels satisfied that justice was at hand; afterall.

Shri SP Tamang’s magisterial report is not the end of this road. Shri Justice Rajinder Sachar of the infamous Sachar Commission should know this at least. There is a trial that’s pending. However, when the target is the Hindu or his national interests, then any and every kind of manipulation is fair game.

The trail (wrt Ishrat Jahan & Co’s encounter) that starts from the UPA government’s intelligence lead provided to the Gujarat police that does not end with the same UPA government reneging on its own affidavit and earlier intelligence inputs, speaks to the amount of illicit pressure mounted by the “cats” in “human rights” guise.

Speaking at that hot bed of Islamic politics – Jamia Milia Islamia University whose Vice – Chancellor, Mushirul Hasan, who himself was a victim of Islamic gangsterism once upon a time; but recently wanted to pay for the legal expenses of the Batla House encounter accused(students in his University); were several renowned “human rights activists” who accepted the fact of terror but deplored measures taken to curb it only because Muslims were seen to be “victimized”. Not for these worthies – due process, human rights of the victims of terror, the reality of Muslims involved as either supporters or executors.

Finally there seems to have been the show of their “faith in the judiciary” but only as long as the “mouse” was sentenced to death. Only the “mouse” must die – whatever be the facts otherwise.

Of a similar piece is the marshalling of the media in their unworthy cause of “sentencing the mouse to death”. Its seems to have become a cottage industry in itself when self styled two bit “film-makers” take it upon themselves to not only narrate but to conjure facts and mislead investigations that are still under way. This is a free country and not a communist or liberal dictatorship, yet. People are free to shoot their films, but if this is seen to effect court proceedings or the manner of investigations, then one wonders why our courts must remain silent anymore?

It may not at all be surprising to acknowledge that Shri SP Tamang could have been influenced by some such illicit media while writing his report. There are thoughts/statements in his report that make emotional claims of “knowing” the benign character of Ishrat Jahan. Objective judicial reports would desist from such wordplay and instead focus on only hard evidence.

None of this is good news for our security apparatus which is already facing a daily hindrance in carrying out their responsibilities from professional “human rights” lobbies and obliging and treacherous politicians. Our enemies are drawing a lot of sustenance from such, it would strongly appear, diversionary tactics by Hindusthan’s fifth column that delay and stall important and necessary investigations and operations.

This India Today report places the entire scene in perspective: 

So, if one goes by the Centre’s fresh affidavit it virtually means that the Union Government’s intelligence inputs to the state government in future will not carry the same sanctity as before. Moreover, it creates a new and dangerous situation for the future wherein a state government might refuse to act against terrorists on the intelligence inputs provided by the Central government’s intelligence agencies for the fear of Union Government not backing its action in future and even getting hauled up like in the case of Gujarat. Political analyst Vidyut Thakar, who sees the step as one that sacrifices national security at the alter of minority appeasement, says: “Anti-national forces have all the reason to rejoice over this about-turn of the UPA-led government following political pressure. It has a negative long-term implication for the national security scenario.”

Is there a way out of this mire? Absolutely.

– Namaste


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