The UPA must learn from Modi's team on how to stand by its men

From the following report we learn how dangerous and difficult is the work of our policemen in their battles against Naxal killers. They constantly put themselves in harms way in order to secure our freedom.

To say these men are being merely professional sounds like a demeaning insult these days. One cannot do such work as they do without feelings of emotion and commitment toward what they belive to be worthwhile goals. Let’s remember that these men could have found themselves safer jobs elsewhere. They must be protected by our government and hailed by our people.

This is also where the country’s “leaders” would do well to learn from Modi’s team and not give up on their own even when faced with tough odds.

– Namaste

Major crackdown on Naxalites in J’khand, Chhattisgarh soon

Rajat Roy / Kolkata September 28, 2009, 0:57 IST

Tribal leader Chhatradhar Mahato, who was arrested yesterday near Lalgarh, was today remanded to police custody by a special court till October 1. Mahato, considered the public face of the Naxalites in Lalgarh, had been leading an agitation there against alleged police excesses since last November.

However, the police have failed to trap a senior Naxal leader, Koteswar Rao, alias Kishenji. The same group of policemen masquerading as a team of TV journalists tried to ‘entice’ Kishenji into a face-to-face meeting with them for an ‘interview’.

Kishenji later told some of his known acquaintances in the media that early on Saturday he had received a phone call from the same ‘TV journalists’ requesting for an interview, but he declined that offer.

It is believed that the arrest of Kishenji, instead of Mahato, could have been a major success for police in their anti-Naxalite operation in West Bengal.

However, the recent arrests of Kobad Gandhi, a member of the banned CPI (Maoist), in Delhi and Mahato is expected to boost the morale of the state and central police forces ahead of their joint offensive in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, expected to take place in end-October.


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