The 5th column is marching again

The Union government has announced its intention to finally tackle Naxal killers in a manner that works and already we have our domesticated(?) wolves in sheep’s clothing or barely clothed – crying for the impending fate their heroes face.

Their latest hero seems to be one Kobad Ghandy – a man well fed and well reared by his family only to betray their faith in him to abandon and join a bunch of killers in the name of “fighting for the poor”. Here is a man who went to the best schools and universities. Had the best opportunities life had to offer. Had wealth and inheritances. He could have started a foundation, built schools, orphanages, instituted scholarships..even stood for elections, but no. Osama Bin Laden-like he goes off to lend his mind and strength to cold blooded killers who kill innocents in the name of innocents.

All those who speak for and on behalf of such killers are also sympathisers of left-liberal regimes including the UPA gang. Let there be no mistaking this. The only reason such fifth column seem to be biting the hand that has fed them all this while is because the hand has seemingly had enough and is ready to break the neck of the dog. I say seemingly because this Union government has yet to display the nerve required to win.

I’m hoping for the best. In the meanwhile, all such sympathising scum need to be shown up for what they are – Hindusthan’s resident quislings; its fifth column on the march yet again.

In closing, Saba Naqvi has this to say by way of justification –

“Clearly, repressive police action has not worked. If anything it may have alienated people further in naxal pockets. To even begin to solve the problem, say experts, one has to address the root cause. But slave to the drama of electoral politics, the Indian state has till now been a colossal failure in tackling problems of poverty, health, education or exploitation. There is no reason to believe this will change. The wound will fester. ” (Pala S – One must ask this quisling to name a single developmental initiative that has been allowed to last by her Naxal killer pals. The “people” who she says are “alienated further” are those that have been terrorized into bowing to the neighborhood killer.)

– Namaste


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