Non-violence in the mouth of "decent men"

Shri R.K Raghavan is a decent man. He must be one because he says everybody else is rotten and indecent.

This former director of the CBI (Is this another reason why our security apparatus is in such doldrums? We have Gandhians guarding us?) is a lover of Mahatma Gandhi. He is ashamed to see Gandhi’s countrymen descend to such lows and cannot understand why. He refers to government almanacs to tell us crime of all sort has increased. He cannot understand why. His prime target is the politician. That epitome of all evil. That UFO that has landed from outer space!

I, a lowly blogger; have a message for this great charlatan man – Listen to Shri Aurobindo closely when he speaks of Gandhi’s non-violence:

July 23, 1923              Gandhi’s Ahimsa

I believe Gandhi does not know what actually happens to the man’s nature when he takes to Satyagraha or non-violence. He thinks that men get purified by it. But when men suffer, or subject themselves to voluntary suffering, what happens is that their vital being gets strengthened. These movements affect the vital being only and not any other part. Now when you cannot oppose the force that oppresses, you say that you will suffer. That suffering is vital and it gives strength. When the man who has thus suffered gets power he becomes a worse oppressor….

What one can do is to transform the spirit of violence. But in this practice of Satyagraha it is not transformed. When you insist on such a one-sided principle, what happens is that cant, hypocrisy and dishonesty get in and there is no purification at all. Purification can come by the transformation of the impulse of violence, as I said. In that respect the old system in India was much better: the man who had the fighting spirit became the Kshatriya and them fighting spirit was raised above the ordinary vital influence. The attempt was to spiritualize it. It succeeded in doing what passive resistance cannot and will not achieve. The Kshatriya was the man who would not allow any oppression, who would fight it out and he was the man who would not oppress anybody That was the ideal.

– Namaste


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