How quislings can win

While looking over information on the Naxalite menace I happen to stumble upon Tehelka. The masthead has a goose-stepping crow with the words FREE * FAIR * FEARLESS printed underneath “Tehelka”.

I’ve had my doubts about this newsmagazine’s agenda even though there are many top-o-the-line dudes who swear by its “brand image” – allow me to be skeptical please. A simple enough answer to this question would do : If the “truth policy” were so paying to this media, why would not all media practice it?

Please let me not stall on the good story of a newsmagazine that has Shri Sandeep Pandey as regular contributor.

So I gathered a bunch of interviews and articles wrt Naxalite killers from Tehelka and read them all. A probable theme played in my mind that can be called intelligently devious.

Of course the newsmagazine is FREE – It allows voice to all sorts of opinion.

Of course the newsmagazine is FAIR – It never censors an opinion. (Who would know? But I haven’t read any rebuke yet. The game is that well played)

Of course the newsmagazine is FEARLESS – It never is scared to tread on powerful toes. It gets to choose those toes you see.

It occurred to me that any and every newspaper and magazine can indeed use this modestly brilliant strategy. – Simply stated; Recognize a long term power and never disturb it. The rest is your play-field.

Propaganda rags like The Hindu actually can learn a lesson or two in PR from Tehelka. Instead of censoring conservative Hindu opinion, it can give voice to it – just like how Tehelka plays the game in order to yet call itself FREE * FAIR * FEARLESS.

Now will begin a mind-game:

* Imagine your a political novice. You have no prejudice and no set political stance.

* Read the following interviews and articles with the above open mind.

* Answer the poll in the immediately following post.

1. ‘CWC reports can’t stop the Salva Judum’


3. ‘If the State is violent, there will be counter-violence’

4. ‘It’s outright war and both sides are choosing their weapons’

5. Double-edged Dagger


And now, The Poll

– Namaste


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