Ishrat Jahan & Co. – follow up

Readers will find here previous posts on the subject and related matter. There has not been much activity on this front except for the three member team of inquiry, appointed by the Gujarat High Court – being expanded to six members.

The petitions before the Supreme Court (mother Shamima and the proposed UPA Govt appeal) against the Gujarat High Court stay on Shri SP Tamang’s magisterial report. remain to be ruled upon.

Apart from these there are the usual sob stories trying to build up an emotional case for Ishrat Jahan, again resting solely on the magisterial report’s acquittal of Ishrat Jahan & Co. Read them here & here.

Still nothing on the merits of the affidavit. Still nothing on the two other dead – Amjad Ali Rana and Jisan Johar. It’s almost as if they never existed.

– Namaste


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