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The UPA wants to "cure" itself by also appealing against the HC stay

Readers can stay in touch with events till date here.

So the UPA government at the center finally has decided to also challenge the Gujarat High Court’s stay on the Shri SP Tamang magisterial report on the Ishrat Jahan & Co. encounter.

One wades through a lot of legalese to find this gem of an opportunity to “redeem” itself for ever daring to take sides against terror.

(Start Quote)Besides, the main ground of challenge adopted by Ishrat’s mother, sources in the Ministry added that the appeal to be prepared by the top law officers would seek to ‘cure’ the defects in its stand taken before the Gujarat High Court, accepting Ishrat to have been part of a terrorist module.(End Quote)

One could have taken a more benign view of the UPA government’s move if only it had limited itself to challenging the HC stay – however it’s ulterior and real motive to use this opportunity to crawl and beg for forgiveness of the Muslims for its earlier affidavit – was evident right from the beginning.

It’s anybody’s guess where such a course of action and thought process will lead to.

Many are under the impression that this has everything to do with Gujarat under Modi. Not true. Modi comes into the picture only insofar as the UPA’s hostility and belligerence is concerned. The issues however, remain similar across the country. Take a look at this case.

– Namaste


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