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Women and security – Should men be men and provide it or not?

The Thinking Housewife is a refreshing change from the confused Indian Homemaker.

In the linked post, Smt Laura Wood discusses the recent killing of a female student in Yale and how society – if America still has one of those – reacted to this killing. She documents in particular the chilling liberal reaction.

Smt Wood recognizes the fact that there are dangerous men out there. This has nothing to do with perceptions of female “weakness” as against male “strength” and the need to fight this inequality. However this has everything to do with recognizing this fact of life and dealing with it as it should be dealt with – by harnessing male strength to protect the female and/or arming the lone female.  Anything less would be feeding the predator willfully.

On a personal note I recently started teaching my daughters to handle a gun. This gun is a very realistic toy gun that can hurt badly. Generally used for target practice, it carries plastic pellets. I noted the first reactions from my daughters who fled the gun when I brought it out. It must have been all those movies. But once they fired a few rounds they gathered confidence and now want more practice.

I think this is what every father must do for the sake of his family’s safety. Buy a real gun later on. It’s tough in Hindusthan to acquire a license and its expensive, but what the heck.

– Namaste


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