Is liberalism truly evil and if so are its ill-effects universal?

A commenter Shri Kannan’s comment made me think about this and I’m thankful to him for this. He said in response to my post

This is normal of these so called “liberal” and secular thinkers. We are approaching a time when we will be attacked brazenly than ever before. It is already happening. This is the time to add to steel to our souls. Educate everyone. Your writings are very lucid and we need more. (End Quote)

Of course my following reasoning might be deemed simplistic but I suspect, only by those that like to complicate and “de-construct” reality beyond necessity and reason.

First the premises liberalism lives by :

1. The/every individual has inalienable rights

2. All individuals are equal, so all must be treated equally

3. All cultures are equal and therefore worthy of equal respect and acceptance

4. Given the above facts of life it is indeed a crime not to abide by these “laws” in everyday life – reflected in the establishment’s policies

Let me venture a broad geographical sample to illustrate my point –

Liberal societies ruled by liberal establishments – The nations of the West (Western Europe & NA)

– These are called liberal democracies and rightly so. Most every country in this part of the world has welcomed immigrants from alien societies and allowed them to flourish without disturbance or in any case, with very little of it. Here I largely mean their laws and the manner these are enforced. Being law-abiding, natives usually fall in line.

It’s the process of accommodation as opposed to assimilation of aliens that follow the liberal premises.

Conservative societies ruled by “liberal” establishments – Hindusthan

– Hindusthan is a diverse society which is also very religious. Hindu society is most diverse if not the most religious too. Then there are Muslims and Christians. However, because Hindu society is very diverse it is not homogenous and lacks the political “weight” such a religious/conservative society would ideally carry. So there are castes and castes and tribes and tribes. Muslims and Christians are relatively much more homogenous. Politically this places Hindu society at a disadvantage to itself but at an advantage to various castes and tribes that might make political alliances amongst some of themselves or with either Muslims and/or Christians – to serve their own local interests.

I have placed the term “liberal” within scare quotes because Hindusthan’s political establishment is only liberal to the extent Hindu society as a whole -by default- allows them to be due to its own lack of homogeneity.

Shortly, Hindu society is not a liberal society but a diverse conservative one. However, liberal premises can be worked here since these assure political advantage to its users and manipulators including it’s “thinking” classes.

Conservative societies ruled by conservative establishments – The Islamic world

– Very straightforward. Friction between the Islamic ruled and the ruler exist only because of varying degrees of conservatism. Liberals if any, are quickly ejected/eliminated from these societies.

Now, if I am correct in my analysis of liberal premises (I think they are indisputable) and link them up with native societies – White Christians (Western Europe & NA) and Hindus (Hindusthan), there is simply no way these native societies can continue to survive and remain strong. They will be hollowed out completely and given the naturally more homogenous and assertive natures of immigrants and minorities, these will soon enough set their own separate courses and agendas – not necessarily in tune with native societies. Such is the current lot of these above sampled democracies.

So to assume as Shri Kannan does that these are so-called “liberals” and secular thinkers is wrong. The correct deduction would be that they really are secular – liberals. They speak and give voice to views that are truly secular and liberal. There seems to be no denying this fact.

I have also touched upon like topics here, here and here (Due to “search” some posts have been repeated)

– Namaste


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