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Responses that IHM never carried

Do those who cry themselves hoarse over “equality” and “rights” actually mean it when faced with difficult situations they might find themselves in? It’s a tricky question that should be pondered over.

I’ve had some pretty mean experiences myself when it came to certain blogs and websites. Push come to shove it’s always easier to shove aside the painful query and live with something more comforting.

While giving the benefit of the doubt to Indian Homemaker on the following posts of mine that went unanswered under some pretext or the other, I must pose the above question to readers again.

Why do “equality” and “rights” loving liberals not recognize these when compliance is demanded of them? Worse, why do they persist in half truths and plain deception all the while taking their “customers” for a ride? Alright, they can do all this – but should they close their minds to the most obvious questions and queries whilst accusing people they don’t like of being fascists and thugs? Hypocrisy anyone? Stinks doesn’t it?

But then I do have this soft corner for IHM and I sincerely feel she should study Hindu organizations more before assuming the worst about them.

– Namaste


IHM or the Indian Homemaker

Exhibit 1– IHM responds to my post of the 3rd Sept 09 – My response never passed moderation

2009 September 3  Palahalli permalink  Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

IHM – I see you prefer to deviate from the subject of this topic. Very well – My responses – 

1. I think we should feed the hungry, provide electricity, schools, hospitals etc first. 

– And your most certain the Sangh Parivar is not doing this today? 

2. Secondly religion is a personal matter, and if some of our ancestors did do some wrong do we punish some citizens in this generation? 

– I’m sorry? Did I hear you make a case against reservations?? But I support it. I’ll also let you ponder over something, perhaps New Delhi’s Aurangzeb Marg might be a good site to meditate over it? Did you know that Aug 30th was the death anniversary of Dara Shikoh? No? Hmm…must be all that print-space taken over by hate-the-Sangh literature. But I do wish the Muslims had remembered this man…for some reason.  

3. Thirdly a citizen of any religion in Kerala or Gujarat cannot be blamed for the plight of Kashmiri pandits. Every injustice is wrong, and should be dealt with objectively. Two wrongs do not make one right. 

– I see. But I still haven’t seen an article dedicated to their plight. Over two lakhs…refugees in their own land? Not one post? Every injustice is wrong? Of course.  

4. About conversions, I think what god any citizen worships is nobody’s business. Citizens are more than statistics. And reconversion is not a Hindu concept… you can only be Hindu either if you are born one, or if you marry one. Both are optional. This openness is why the religion is thriving still after so many centuries. 

– But your wouldn’t recommend this openness to the converters would you? If it’s a personal choice, what are dalals doing meddling with personal choices?  

5. About dalits, I think they can decide if they choose to be Christian dalits or Muslim dalits, if we are so bothered, maybe we can offer to reconvert Muslim-dailts or Christian dalits to Hindu brahmins?  

– No. They chose to be Christians and Muslims period. They chose against remaining “Dalits” post conversion. Now please address the trick played on them by Muslims and Christians.  You have yourself said Hinduism does not convert. Btw, nobody has opposed any Dalit performing the Upanayana. I support it. The Sangh Parivar has schools and there are Hindu institutions that teach the Vedas to all castes including Dalits. There are priests who are non-Brahmin. It’s complex and varied. This subject.  

I apologize for any sarcasm anywhere. But it couldnt be helped this time.  Thanks

Exhibit 2 – IHM responds to my comment of the 3rd Sept 09 with a glib and barely educated statement

2009 September 3  Palahalli permalink  Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

“Hindutva is a new political concept. Hinduism is a tolerant, non violent, inclusive religion.” 

– So what exactly does Hinduism say that Hindutva opposes?  If as you say, Hinduism is tolerant, non-violent and inclusive; how then should it deal with belief systems that are not? Or are you saying all belief systems are “tolerant, non-violent and inclusive”?

Exhibit 3 – IHM is telling me on the 4th Sept 09 that none of my posts have been deleted. However, none have been passed with or without comments, either.

2009 September 3. Palahalli permalink  Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

IHM – I spent some time reading your article and all the posts. It’s all very emotional. I have some questions : 

1. Have you been a member of any Sangh Parivar organization?The Rashtra Sevika Samiti perhaps? 

2. Have you read any of their literature? 

3. Are you aware of the Caste composition within the Parivar? 

4. Are you aware that the Sangh is Caste-blind? For instance you cannot use your surname and must address your fellow Swayamsevaks with their first names and end it with “Ji”? – Are you familiar with the Ekatmata Mantra? All Sangh Swayamsevaks sing it every morning.  

5. Please tell me what “hate-literature” motivates the Sangh Parivar? 

6. You keep comparing them with the Taliban. Can you please show me some comparisons? 

7. Have you ever posted about the plight of the Kashmiri Pandit? (perhaps I’ll do a search) 

8. On Godhra, you vacillate between “accident” and “crime”. But you are very certain that 2000 odd Muslims were killed by Hindus (genocide?). Are you aware that the actual toll was closer to 1000 odd with 300 odd Hindus (forgettable? or collateral?) killed?  

9. You speak about “dress codes” and such. Are you aware that colleges in Bangalore have imposed a dress-code on their students. These include Christian colleges too? They the Taliban too? 

10. You speak against the demolition of the Babri Masjid but I don’t hear you speak against hundreds of Temples demolished as a result of it?  

11. I see your against Caste. (Well, I’m not and neither are the many multitudes of Hindus of all hues and castes – including the many secular parties in this country) But in any case my point is what have you to say about “Dalit” Christians? I thought Christianity killed Caste? Now we know there are “Dalit” Muslims as well! Of for God’s sakes! I wish converting Dalits knew about all this earlier! What is it that you expect Hindus to do? Not live with dignity in their own land? (Ahh…Hindusthan is not of Hindus alone!) Then what was partition for? – I’ll let you refer to Dr. Ambedkar’s book on Pakistan and partition. 

I’ll stop now and wait for some responses. 

Thanks for allowing me to post here.


One Response

  1. Palahalliji,
    This is normal of these so called “liberal” and secular thinkers. We are approaching a time when we will be attacked brazenly than ever before. It is already happening. This is the time to add to steel to our souls. Educate everyone. Your writings are very lucid and we need more.

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